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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Abrasive wear resistance of hypoeutectic 26 mass% chromium cast iron containing molybdenumAttasit Chooprajong
2011Corrosion behaviors of nanocrystalline Ni-W alloysAmnuaysak Chianpairot
2011Effects of Ni, CO and In on microstructures, electrical properties and mechanical properties of Sn-Cu solder alloyPitinan Piyavatin
2010Reactivity of ferritic stainless steels (AISI441 and CROFER22APU) used as electric interconnectors in biogas-fuelled solid oxide fuel cellsPiyorose Promdirek
2008Abrasion wear behavior of hypoeutectiv 16 Mass% chromium cast iron containing molybdenumPhasit Aungsupaitoon
2005Heat treatment behavior of high chromium cast iron for abrasive wear resistanceSudsakorn Inthidech
2003Relationship between fluidity and microstructure of aluminum silicon alloyTran Duc Huy
2002Heat treatment characteristics of high chromium cast iron for abrasion wear resistanceSudsakorn Inthidech
2001Analysis of passive films formed on SUS 304 and SUS 447J1 stainless steel exposed in an urban-industrial atmosphereSomrerk Chanda-ambhorn
2000Production of high performance automobile parts by the metal injection molding (MIM) processAdikarn Tongsa-ad
1998Zinc metal recovery from electric arc furnace dustSureerat Sukonthanit
1997Modeling of temperature change of liquid steel in BOF by neural networkKitisak Ngamjaruskochakorn
1996Analysis of accretions from the settler of a nickel flash smelting furnaceMaetee Sujiwatthana
1996Assessment of the formability of a low-carbon steel sheetChen, Lixin