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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Adsorption of butadiene from C4 gas mixture on Y-zeolite adsorbent ion-exchanged with nickelAtchara Boonmala
2008Adsorption separation of H₂, CO₂, CH₄ , CO and N₂ by zeolitesSangsom Chongsotichat
2000Alkylation of toluene with methanol on Fe or Zn containing MFI-type zeolite catalystThana Punsupsawat
2000Aromatic synthesis from n-heptane using modified MFI-type zeolite catalystsNilnate Oung
1997Catalytic cracking of n-octane over y-type zeolite catalystPhanidar Jiratthitikan
2018Conversion of n-Pentane to aromatics: effect of surface modification by chemical liquid deposition and promoter over nano scale Ga/HZSM-5Sukkatad Sintapanin
2003Correlation between particle size and hydrothermal stability of Y zeoliteSomyod Sombatchaisak
2003Cracking of n-Hexane over Ce/ZSM-5 catalystsTosapol Maluangnont
2008Development of packaging film from LDPE/zeolite composites for extending shelf life of fresh producesNetnapha Lamo
2017Development of PEDOT-PSS/Zeolite composite as a Gas SensorPojjawan Chanthaanont
2006Diffusion of pentane isomers in silicalite-1 by molecular dynamic simulationArthorn Loisruangsin
2002Effect of particle size and silicon to aluminium ratio on the hydrothermal stablity of polycrystalline zeolite betaUsnee Toophorm
2005Effect of particle size of gallium containing MFI catalyst on ethanol conversion to aromaticsPaweenar Duenchay
1998Effect on remaining cations in copper ion-exchanged ZSM-5 zeolite for selective reduction of nitric oxideNakarin Mongkolsiri
2012Effects of encapsulation of Cr-ZnO and Cu-ZnO-A1₂O₃ catalysts with silicoaluminophosphates on dimethyl ether synthesis from syngasKitima Pinkaew
2004Effects of particle size and hydrothermal treatment of Y-zeolite on catalytic cracking of n-octaneSuchuchchai Nuanklai
2009Effects of relative humidity on performance of Pt/zeolite-chitosan membrane in PEM fuel cellAgkarapin Angkatreerat
2006Epoxide ring opening by ZSM-5 catalystsSupaporn Suparpwiboon
2004Exchange of copper species in the cavity of ZSM-5 at low copper loadingPengunya Unjit
2004Exchange of copper species the cavity of ZSM-5 at high copper loadingKanjarat Sukrat, 1978-