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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Adsorption behavior of Cu2+ from aqueous solution on composite crosslinked chitosan-claySiriporn Akewaranugulsiri
2002Adsorption of mercuric chloride and phenyl mercuric acetate from aqueous solution using chitosan beadsSuchada Ampin
1995Application of chitosan as release rate-controlling membrane in isosorbide dinitrate transdermal patchWarunee Leesajakul
2009Behavior of bone marrow-derived and adipose-derived stem cells on gelatin/chitosan scaffolds for bone tissue engineeringJuthamas Ratanavaraporn
2010Chitosan derivative nanoparticles for controlled release of aldehydesThapakorn Tree-udom
2006Chitosan Microparticals for protein and antigen delivery: Perparation, Interactions with antigen presenting cells and vivo immune responseChirasak Kusonwiriyawong
2007Chitosan nanoparticle as all-trans-retinyl acetate carrier : characterization and controlled releaseMayura Wittayasuporn
2012Chitosan nanoparticles with aluminium hydroxide gel as nasal delivery system for influenza vaccineAnawatch Mitpratan
2007Chitosan-stabilized gold nanoparticles for biosensing applicationPornpen Sae-ung
2007Controlled release of amoxicillin from alginate-gelatin-chitosan beadsTeerawat Sahasathian
2004Controlled release of chitosan film coated tablets by osmotic and diffusion machanismsWalailak Namwijitphan
2002Controlled release of granular fertilizer using chitosan coatingPeerapong Hanpichanchai
2007Controlled release of lidocaine and diclofenac from chitosan particlesRattana Miphokasap
2003Decolorization of dyeing wastewater by chitosan from dried shrimp shellKwanjai Satchatham
2009Determination of DNA sequences using peptide nucleic acid in combination with chitosan particles by maldi-top mass spectrometryJittima Meebungpraw
2012Development and characterization of chitosan blended bacterial cellulose filmKampole Intasorn
2012Development of encapsulation technique for nano-biomaterials using chitosan-based cryogelNataporn Sowasod
1996Development of isosorbide dinitrate transdermal patch using crosslinked-chitosan as rate-controlling membranesJarupa Viyoch
2011Development of LIPL32 DNA vaccine for leptospirosis using modified chitosan nanoparticlesRuthairat Kerdkaew
2011Drought resistance and protein changes induced by chitosan in rice Oryza sativa L.Wasinee Pongprayoon