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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Antioxidant evaluation and formulation development of Zingiber officinale extract loaded in solid lipid nanoparticles for skin deliveryPetchompoo Siriphan
2002Chemical constituents from hydrocotyle umbellata linn. and effect on growth of mimosa pigra linn.Wasana Pakjarurn
1997Chemical constituents from the leaves of piper betle linn. and their biological activityNumphon Koocharoenpisal
2009Chemical constituents from the roots of Shorea roxburghii G. DonWinitra Patcharamun
2011Cytotoxic constituents from dendrobium capillipes and dendrobium secundumThanawuth Phechrmeekha
2005Cytotoxicity tests of extracts from white kwao krua, pueraria mirifica, red kwao krua, betea superba and black kwao krua, mucuna collettii on Hep-G2 cellsWanrawee Sangkapong
2007Effects of Hopea Odorata roxb alcoholic extracts on mecA positive meticillin resistant Staphylococcus AureusWipasinee Wannasak
2006Effects of Pueraria mirifica extract on functions and pathogenicites of thoracic aorta and bone in ovariectomized ratsChenphop Sawangmake
2010Effects of selected Thai ancient remedies extracts on mutagenicity and antimutagenicity using Ames testPreeyakamol Meeyutem
2008Extraction and purification of lutein fatty acid esters from marigold flowerJanya Vechpanich
2008In vitro effect of aegle marmelos fruit extract and imperatorin on cytochrome P450Duanjai Panyapojsak
2002Induction of apoptosis by the extract from Stephania venosa (Bl.) spreng tuber on lymphocyteTipsuda Plumchai
1999Marker dyes from cashew nut shell extract and alkylanilinesSirirat Changmongkol
2006Molluscicidal constituents from Trichosanthes Cucumerina fruits on Pomacea CanaliculataSaowanit Daorattanachai
1989Patterns of sonic extract of pseudomonas pseudomallei from clinical isolatesSudaluck Chantarachada
2008Quantitative analysis of organic acids in aqueous extracts of Tamarindus Indica pulp and preparation of tamarind powdersWirod Chaipornpokin
2008Screening and selection of marker(s) of Passiflora Foetida extract by high performance liquid chromatography and dopamine receptors/transporter binding assayDuangkamol Phummiratch
2007Subcritical water extraction of polyphenolic compounds from Terminalia Chebula fruitsPhattarakorn Rangsriwong
2006Value-added products from rice bran and soybean by hydrolysis in subcritical waterKetmanee Wachararuji
2517การเจริญเติบโตของเห็ดฟาง (Volvariella volvacea Singer) และผลของสารที่สกัดด้วยน้ำจากครีบของเห็ดเปรมปรีดิ์ เทศศิริ