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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Computational fluid dynamic study of sorption enhanced steam reforming of methane/ethanol in circulating fluidized bed systemKiattikhoon Phuakpunk
1997Controlled release theophylline granules coated with poly (ethylacrylate methylmethacrylate) aqueous dispersion by fluidized bed techniqueUraiwan Petcharunpaisan
2001Development of a fluidized-bed coater for pharmaceutical applicationKittisak Phuengsomboonying
2011Effects of flow pattern on CO₂ capture using potassium carbonate in circulating fluidzed bedOr-ampai Jaiboon
1980Gas absorption in a fluidized-bed columnSuntara Uppaputhangkul
2009Hydrodynamic of mixed-feed in circulating fluidized bedSuchaya Nitivattananon
2005Hydrodynamics of fluidization of FCC particles and nanoparticlesVeeraya Jiradilok
2005Iron pelletization with various seeding materialsSetawat Homanee
2009Kinetic theory based computation of hydrodynamics and mass transfer in fluidized bedsBenjaporn Chalermsinsuwan
2009Kinetics of 2,6-dimethyl-aniline degradation and iron crystallization in fluidized-bed fenton processNonglak Boonrattanakij
2006Lubricating oil for fluid dynamic bearing in 2.5 inch hard disk drive motorSumittra Duangkaewmanee
2000Microorganism cell disruption using a three-phase fluidized bed with agitatorNarisara Suksamai
1999Modeling and simulation of flows in two-phase fluidized systemsSunun Limtrakul; Wiwut Tanthapanichakoon
2004Modeling and simulation of size reduction of fuels in circulating fluidized bed combustor by considering attrition and fragmentationNatthapong Ngampradit
2018-03Natural Calcium‐Based Residues for Carbon Dioxide Capture in a Bubbling Fluidized‐Bed ReactorNattha Chalermwat; Rujee Rattanaprapanporn; Benjapon Chalermsinsuwan; Sirilux Poompradub
2005Oxidation of aniline and nitrobenzene in fluidized-bed Fenton processLadaporn Khunikakorn
2004Particle coating in fluidized bed coater enhanced with electrostaticityYuwadee Phoonphetmongkon
1997Propranolol hydrochloride sustained release capsules prepared from pellets coated with the mixtures of ammonio methacrylate copolymer and ethylcellulose using fluidized bed techniqueIntira Coowanitwong
2009Removal of 2,4-dichlorophenol by fluidized-bed fenton processIsara Muangthai
2008Removal of O-toluidine by fluidized-bed fenton processPumis Thuptimdang