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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Amperometric biosensor based on poly (3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) / poly(styrenesulfonate) / gold nanocomposite modified screen-printed carbon electrode for triglyceride determinationAngkana Phongphut
2008Effects of glutaraldehyde cross-linking methods on enzyme immobilization in Ag nanoparticle/chitosan matricesTiraka Nualjan
2010Ethyl ester procuction from palm oil/palm fatty acid catalyzed by immobilized candida rugosa lipaseChanudom Muangchim
2009Immobilization of Candida rugosa lipase on hierarchical porous carbon monolithBordin Luangon
2002Immobilization of cyclodextrin glycosyltransferase for the production of ascorbic acid glucosideSupranee Pantatan
2008Immobilization of horseradish peroxidase in mesoporous silica/silver nanoparticle/chitosan composite material for biosensor applicationSakon Punwittayakool
2013Immobilization of horseradish peroxidase on chitosan beads for phenol removalThaninthorn Netitheerasuk
2004Immobilization of phenylalanine dehydrogenase : a comparative study of various supports, optimal conditions and characterizationOrada Chumphukam, 1980-
2007Improvement of the phenylalanine dehydrogenase immobilization method for the production of phenylalanineNipawan Tanchai
2008Semi-continuous production of biodiesel from palm fatty acid using novozym 435Sukanya Subkerd
2552การตรึงไลเฟสบนเส้นใยกก Scirpus grossus. ที่เชื่อมขวางด้วยกลูตาราลดีไฮด์สำหรับการสังเคราะห์ไบโอดีเซลพิชญา เคนสิงห์