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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Anticancer effects of cepharanthine on human ovarian cancer cellsVilawan Payon
2015Antimicrobial and antibiofilm formation activities of chrysazin on bacillus species in vitro and in vivo using Thai silkworm modelMarion Micheler
2017Bioactive compounds from dendrobium infundibulumSalinee Na Ranong
2017Clinical efficacy of biocellulose wound dressing containing silk sericin and polyhexamethylene biguanide for split-thickness skin graft donor sitesSupamas Napavichayanun
2016Combination of gold nanoparticles and lycorine for enhancing anti-inflammatory activityVarayukrit Payuyong
2016Comparative pharmacokinetic study of asiaticoside and madecassoside as the pure compounds and mixture in the standardized extract of centella asiatica, ECa 233 in ratsPatcharaporn Hengjumrut
2015Designing peptides with inhibitory activity on human papillomavirus 16 E1-E2 protein complex formationWorrapon Kantang
2015Development and characterization of bisdemethoxycurcumin-loaded solid lipid nanoparticlesPinnisa Tangkhajornchaisak
2016DNA barcodes of bacopa plants found in ThailandChayapol Tungphatthong
2016Effect of angelica dahurica extract on platelet aggregation in ratPitiphat Srisom
2014Effect of combinations of emblica officinalis extract, achras sapota extract and silymarin on in vitro anti-aging activitiesSirinya Pientaweeratch
2016Effect of polyoxyl 40 hydrogenated castor oil on pellet formation using silicon dioxide as an extrusion-spheronization aidSanpeth Limpakomon
2015Effects of alpha-lipoic acid on chemotherapy and detachment-induced cell death in human non-small cell lung cancer H460 cellsPunyawee Puchsaka
2015Effects of guttiferone k, oblongifolin c and isojacareubin on expression of p-glycoprotein in caco-2 cellsCherdsak Boonyong
2011Effects of Rhinacanthin-C on function and expression of efflux drug transporters in caco-2 cellsRatjika Wongwanakul
2016Effects of vanillin on cancer stem-like phenotypes in non-small cell lung cancer through the inhibition of Akt pathwaySongpol Srinual
2015Effects of artesunate and dihydroartemisinin on LPS-activated macrophagesThin Sandi Htun
2009Inhibitory effect of asiaticoside and madecassoside on human cytochrome P450Thidarat Winitthana