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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Anti-pathogenic bacterial activities of fractionated venom of king cobra (ophiophagus hannah)Usa Rerksirikul
2005Cloning and characterization of platelet-aggregating proteins from trimeresurus albolabris venomJaradpong Arpijuntarangkoon
2003Cloning and expression of phospholipase A[subscript 2] from Russell's viper venom (Daboia russellii siamensis)Sawatdirak Phongtananant
2011Development of formulation and lyophilization process of green pit viper antiveninThammanoon Duangsano
1995Effects of russell's viper venom on renal functions in selenium-supplemented ratsAngtana Julsukon
1999Effects of sea snake venom (Lapemis hardwickii) on renal functions in dogsKedsirin Sakwiwatkul
2010Expression and characterization of a novel plaminogen activator from green pit viper (Cryptelytrops albrolabris)Wannaporn Phankham
2004Expression of recombinant snake venom metalloproteinase disintegrin domain from green pit viper, trimeresurus albolabris, and characterization of its effects on human plateletsPon Singhamatr
2007Gene expression analysis of russell's viper venom and molecular cloning, expression and functional study of RV factor X activatorArkhom Saingam
2010Molecular cloning and expression of factor v activator (RVV-V) from russell's viper venomPattadon Sukkapan
2006Molecular cloning and expression of Green pit viper (Trimeresurus albolabris) serine proteaseChaunchom Maunpasitporn
2006Molecular cloning of a serine beta-fibrinogenase homolog, a novel gene from russel's viper venom (Daboia Russellii Saimensis)Umaporn Methmaolee
1991Norepinephrine and renal functions in dogs given Russell's viper venomSudpranorm Smuntavekin
2007Protein compositions and biological activities of king cobra (Ophiophagus hannah) venomPakamas Wongtay
2006Study the effect of green pit viper (Trimeresurus albolabris) venom on platelet morphologySuphan Soogarun
2510การศึกษา แยกพิษงูแมวเซาออกเป็นส่วน ๆ เพื่อการศึกษาทางเอนไซม์สัณห์ พณิชยกุล