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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Biochemical and structural characterization of levansucrase from bacillus licheniformis RN-01Santhana Nakapong
2012Bonding behavior between reinforced concrete after fire and carbon fiber reinforced polymerPornpen Limpaninlachat
2003Characterization and miscibility analysis of ternary blends containing low molar mass liquid crystalSirirat Wacharawichanant
2008Charged nanoparticles from poly(vinyl alcohol) derivativesParamee Chitchumnong
2011Conductive lines on flexible polymer substrates fabricated by inkjet printing of metal salts solutionKamolrat Foithong
2001Conversion of acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene polymer to synthetic fuels on Fe/activated carbon catalystKulwadee Pueaknapo
2012Copolymerization of ethylene withdifferent α-olefins with poly(styrene-co- Divinylbenzene)-supported Cp[subscript 2]ZrCl[subscript 2]/MAO catalystSompong Saetang
1997Development of industrial film from HDPE/MLLDPE blendHatairat Parichattakul
2000Effect of dopants on electrical and electrochemical properties of polymers containing triphenylamine moietyTidarat Wangwijit
2006Effect of organoclay on mechanical and gas barrier properties of nylon 6Mongkol Tantiviwattanawongsa
2008Effect of polymers on gel electrolyte properties in lead acid batteryAmornrat Chaiyasit
2012Evaluation of polymer flooding in multi-layered heterogeneous reservoir: the study of viscosity and injection rate of polymer solutionAniwan Panthangkool
2008GAS - phase synthesis of zinc oxide nanoparticles for photoluminescent polymeric file applicationThornchaya Satitpitakun
2006Grafting of natural rubber copolymer with ethyl methacrylate by gamma irradiation for using as soft lining denture base materialSomporn Swasdison; Jariya Boonjawat; Manit Sonsuk
2009Gypsum-board fire protection for fiber reinforced polymer strengthened concrete slabsAyurananda, Frieska Evita
1997Influence of internal and external electron-donors in a supported ziegler-natta catalyst on isotacticity of polypropyleneNittakant Chattay
2000Mechanical properties of ethylene vinyl acetate composite sheet for mass backVuttipol Boonjungmongkol
1996Mechanical properties of glass fiber reinforced PVC/SAN compositessuwit Alongkornchotikul
2008Multi-wall carbon nanotube-polymethyl methacrylate composite for volatile organic compound sensorAmornwong Srisurichan