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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011BQ-elements of some semigroupsNgarmcherd Danpattanamongkon
2003Divisible commutative semigroupsSangkhae Yindeetin
2003Eventual regularity and isomorphism theorems of some regressive transformation semigroupsPichat Jitjankarn
1998Eventually regular regressive transformation semigroupsNetdao Sunasaragittigul
2001Generalized transformation semigroups admitting hyperring structureNoknoi Rompurk
2002Generalized transformation semigroups and linear transformation semigroups whose bi-ideals are quasi-idealsChaiwat Namnak
2011Left regular and right regular elements of some semigroupsNissara Sirasuntorn
2008Linear transformation subsemigroups of LR(V,W) admitting the structure of a semihyperring with zeroSamkhan Hobuntud
2006Multi-valued homomorphisms of semigroups and regularity of semigroups of multi-valued functionsWatchara Teparos
2016The natural partial order on linear transformation semigroups with restrictions on nullity or co-rankPongsan Prakitsri
2010Nearring structure of variants of some transformation semigroupsPongsan Prakitsri
2003Order-preserving generalized transformation semigroupsSawian Jaidee
2003Regressive generalized transformation semigroupsTeeraphong Phongpattanacharoen
2006Regular elements of order-preserving transformation semigroupsWinita Mora
2010Regular elements of some order-preserving transformation semigroups and generalized order-preserving transformation semigroupsWinita Mora
1998Regular order-preserving transformation semigroupsThawhat Changphas
2003Regularity and isomorhism theorems of some order-preserving transformation semigroupsPennapa Rungrattrakoon
2016Regularity of some transformation semigroups with restricted rangeThanaporn Sumalroj
2006Semigroups admitting nearring structureNgarmcherd Danpattanamongkon
2001Semigroups admitting skew-ring or skew-semifield structuresManoj Siripitukdet