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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Arsenic removal from contaminated water over iron oxide impregnated on activated aluminaAroonlak Jira-thana-pinyo
2006BOD removal in leachate by free water surface flow constructed wetland with vetiver and colocasiaAkharint Khuhapinant
2007Catalytic supercritical water oxidation for organic laboratory waste treatmentTeerada Ruamchat
2006Characterization and fenton treatment of hazardous organic substances in Para rubber industrial wastewater in Southern ThailandWorawit Wongniramaikul
2004Characterization treatment and removal of trihalomethane precursors in Bangkok source waterBunyarit Panyapinyopol
2010Chemical characteristics and bio-toxicity relationship leachate from municipal landfill with different degree of treatmentSuthida Theepharaksapan
2012Cumene hydroperoxide treatment by fenton and electro-fenton processKamonreuthai Tudthiam
2008Decolorization of molasses wastewater from distilleries using bacterial consortiumSuhuttaya Jiranuntipon
2008Degradation of 2,6-dimethlaniline and aniline by fenton technologiesNalinrut Masomboon
2008Degradation of O-toluidine by fenton processesSomporn Singhadech
2011Electricity generation from cassava wastewater by a single chamber microbial fuel cellNattakarn Prasertsung
2008Enhancing treatment efficiency of wastewater containing aniline by electro-fenton processSermpong Sairiam
2007Hybrid process : hydrocyclone, coagulation, flocculation and floatation in water treatment processPradipat Bamrungsri
2002Landfill leachate treatment by submerged-type membrane bioreactorNumchai Nilthong
2006The Linked GIS and groundwater model : case study of abandon landfill in Chonburi ProvinceVirat Wattanamekhinkul
2008Preparation of Fe catalyst coated on activated carbon for decomposition of aqueous phenol in three-phase fluidized bed reactorPilasinee Limsuwan
2011Preparation of sewage sludge-based adsorbent for ammonia gas removalKanchalar Keeratirawee
2008Removal of 17B-estradiol(E2) and phosphorus using alternating attached growth filtersSutthipong Lapanunt
2011Removal of 2,4-dichlorophenol and triclosan by fenton and electro-fenton processesThanakorn Methatham