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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Catalytic cracking of polypropylene and polyethylene using zirconium/aluminium oxide-pillared clayMahfuzah Masalaeh
2007Catalytic performance of sulfated zirconia cataylsts in isobutene synthesis from synthesis gasNicha Tangchupong
2013Characteristic of gallium and boron modified ZrO2 on W/ZrO2 catalysts for esterificationChanidapa Padoongpitukchon
2007Characteristics and catalytic properties of boron-modifed zirconia-supported cobalt catalyst for carbon monoxide hydrogenationNithinart Chitpong
2004Characteristics and catalytic properties of glycothermal-derived zirconia supported cobalt catalysts in carbonmonoxide hydrogenationNuttakarn Taochaiyaphum
2005Characteristics and catalytic properties of mixed nano-gamma-alumina based-supported cobalt catalyst during carbon monoxide hydrogenationTanuchnun Burakorn
2004Characterization of Ce-TZP annealed in vacuum atmospherePrevit Nunthasunti
2004Comparison of titanium dioxide/silicon dioxide/zirconium dioxide synthesized via sol-gel process to be used as lens protection : final reportSujitra Wongkasemjit
2002Crystallization mechanism of zirconia under the glycothermal condition and the effect of silica on the thermal stability and surface area of modified zirconiaSirarat Kongwudthiti
2003Development of alumina-zirconia composite for miulling ballKamol Panmaung
2008Direct synthesis of isobutene from CO hydrogenation with zirconium dioxide catalystsSuttichai Assabumrungrat; Bunjerd Jongsomjit
2007Direct synthesis of Isobutene from CO Hydrogenation with ZrO [subscript 2] catalystsSuttichai Assabumrungrat; Bunjerd Jongsomjit
2011Dye-sensitized solar cells with TiO₂ electrode modified by ZrO₂, CeO₂, or ZnOAnchana Kittitanesuan
2007Effect of calcination atmosphere on surface defect of nano Zro[subscript 2] and its application as catalysts for biodiesel synthesisNichapat Senso
2005Effect of defected zirconia support on catalytic activity of carbonmonoxide hydrogenationSoipatta Soisuwan
2006Effects of microwave sintering and zirconia addition on microstructure and optical transmittance of alumina ceramicJutinun Kraikrer
2004Effects of types of second elements in small quantity on zirconium dioxide propertiesJantana Wiwattanapongpan
2015Surfaces properties of Zirconia and its adsorption of gases : Research reportVithaya Ruangpornvisuti
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