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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Glycerol oxidation by Silica supported gold catalystsTaweechai Bainumngern
2011Hydrothermolysis of carbohydrates using metal supported on aluminosilicateSirinart Suacharoen
2008In situ silica formation in natural rubber grafted with methyl methacrylate and silane coupling agentSarannut Wattanasamai
2007In situ silica reinforcement of radiation prevulcanized natural rubber latexKamolchat Charungchitaree
2008Incorporation of silica into RF gel for the synthesis of porous Si₃ N₄/SiC composite via the carbothermal reduction and nitridationCharinya Poumuang
2007Influence of precursors on synthesis and metal sorption properties of Schiff's base doped SilicaKanokkarn Skulnee
2003Liquid-phase hydrogenation of 1-hexene on different silica-supported palladium catalystsKanda Pattamakomsan
2005Liquid-phase hydrogenation over palladium catalysts supported on sol-gel-derived silicaKunnika Phandinthong
2010Mesoporous zeolite NaY for hydrogen chloride adsorptionTharaporn Yangyaim
2003Mesostructural ultra thin silica film formation through admicellar techniqueChintana Saiwan
2005Metal oxide promotion of Co/SiO[subscript 2] for Fischer-Tropsch synthesisSukamon Hinchiranan
2011Microencapsulation of phase change material with silica from sodium silicate by spray drying processPhaiphan Saowapa
2002Network formation at squalean/Vinyl-containing silica interfacesSuthasinee Pengnarapat
2001A Novel ion extraction material derived from silica surface modified silybenzoxazine derivatives via host-guest propertiesSuwabun Chirachanchai
2002Novel synthesis study of high surface area silica : final reportSujitra Wongkasemjit
2011Physical properties of mma grafted natural rubber film reinforced with in situ silicaWasinee Sakathok
2010Preparation of Co/SiO₂ fiber catalysts by electrospinning for CO hydrogenationSuwadee Promduang
2011Preparation of mixed-mode monolithic silica capillary column with octadecyl and aminopropyl groups for liquid chromatographyNapug Samrejtuksing
2008Preparation of photocatalytic material from zeolite synthesized by using rice husk silicaWithaya Panpa
2004Preparation of rubber and poly(vinyl chloride) blends reinforced by in situ silicaPattra Nasompan