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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007D-dimer as an indicator of dengue severityKittiya Setrkraising; Chansuda Bongsebandhu-phubhakdi; Nipasiri Voraphani; Chitsanu Pancharoen; Usa Thisyakorn; Chule Thisyakorn
2022D-lactic acid fermentation platform from oil palm trunk sap by sporolactobacillus terrae SBT-1Naphatsawan Sukaiem
2005Daily activities which affected symptoms of Thai patients with carpal tunnel syndromeKawee Pataradool; Pravit Kitidumrongsook; Adisorn Patradul
2001Damonisierung des Weiblichen-Gestaltungen der Frauenfiguren in der Romantischen LiteraturPaveena Chunnasart
2010Dark energy and stabilization of the universe in extra dimensional modelChatchai Promsiri
2008Dark fermentative biohydrogen production from brewery wastesArunee Supasinsathit
2022Data analysis of volatile compounds in green curry paste by comprehensive heartcut two-dimensional gas chromatography-mass spectrometry using retention indices for nonpolar and polar columnsSudarat Arunmongkon
2021Data augmentation for Thai natural language processing using different tokenizationPatawee Prakrankamanant
2000Data compression and decompression for map images using an indexed color system Optimized Run-length and Huffman coding techniquesTeerapun Weladee
2011Data dependency reduction in dynamic programming matrixDelgado, Guillermo
2018-12Data in support of photosynthetic responses in a chromosome segment substitution line of ‘Khao Dawk Mali 105’ rice at seedling stagePanita Chutimanukul; Boonthida Kositsup; Kitiporn Plaimas; Teerapong Buaboocha; Meechai Siangliw; Theerayut Toojinda; Comai, Luca; Supachitra Chadchawan
2018Data mining of well logs using decision tree based modelThanyaboon Sudhasirikul
2014Data reconciliation with gross error detection by NLP for heat exchanger systemsPathompong Kongchuay
2015Data reusability prediction for data bypassingWarisa Sritriratanarak
2013Data-throwaway learning for streaming chunk data classification by applying a versatile elliptic basis function (vebf) to single-class-wise computationPrem Junsawang
2013Deacetylation of chitin hydrogel by using solution plasmaManeekarn Kantakanun
2007Deactivation modeling for the adsorption isotherm of deactivated adsorbents used in natural gas dehydration processWanaporn Khaikham
1991Deactivation of H-ZSM-5 type catalyst by carbonaceous compounds for methanol conversionChockchai Jewrasumneay
2020Deactivation of manganese dioxide electrocatalyst in zinc-air batteries studied via density functional theoryPuwit Buapin
2020Deactivation of PdNi catalyst on nanoporous carbon support derived from cattail leaves in synthesis of partially hydrogenated biodiesel(h-fame)Tripob Longprang