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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019N, n-bis (5-ethyl-2-hydroxybenzyl) methylamine induces apoptosis of non-small cell lung cancer cells via c-myc protein degradationNicharat Sriratanasak
2556n-alkane aromatization over modified Pt supported KL zeolitesSiriporn Jongpatiwut; Somchai Osuwan; Thirasak Rirksomboon; ชมพูนุท พึ่งกลั่น
2002n-Alkanes aromatization over Pt-containing zeolite catalystsSiriporn Jongpatiwut
2001n-Butane hydrogenolysis on Pt/KL-zeolite catalystsTitipong Issariyakul
2010N-Carboxyacyl chitosan and their characterizations for potential use in medical applicationsChutima Vanichvattanadecha
2000N-hexane aromatization to benzene on Pt/KL and PtCe/KL prepared by CVD methodBanchong Lertrojanachoosit
2000n-hexane aromatization to benzene on Pt/KL and PtYb/KL catalysts prepared by CVD methodThitiporn Thongsrikate
1989N-hexane hydrocracking using zeolite catalystsLadawan Sirisaengtaksin
2002N-Octane aromatization on platinum over various supports prepared by vapor-phase impregnation(VPI) methodBenjawan Chanajaranwit
2004N-Octane aromatization on Pt catalysts supported on novel zeolites : effect of crystal sizeSomlak Ittisanronnachai
2007n-Octane aromatization on Pt supported on novel zeolitesSupak Trakarnroek
2006n-Octane aromatization over Pt/KL catalysts : effect of tinSutthavee Yacharn
2006n-Octane aromatization over Pt/MCM-41Thanwa Udom-piriyasak
2009NAD kinase from rice Oryza sativa L. and recombinant enzymesThunchanok Dumrisuk
2011The NAFLD fibrosis score : a prognostic predictor for mortality and liver complications among NAFLD patientsSombat Treeprasertsuk
2013Naked eye detection of inorganic arsenic in aqueous solution using difluoroboron-curcuminSirinya Sirawatcharin
2012Naked-eye detection of heavy metal ions after forming complexes with xylenol orange by column methodPanida Mongkhonwuttikun
2010Naked-eye detection of lead(II) in aqueous solution by silica gel coated with 1-(2-pyridylazo)-2-naphtholRungnapa Kongsung
2012Naked-eye detection of some metal ions using amberlite XAD-7 coated with 1-(2-phridylazo)-2-naphtholValentine Juasakul
2011Nano calcium carbonate from golden apple snail and oyster shells as reinforcing filler for poly(vinyl chloride)Nittima Rungpin