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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1970A vacuum-tube characteristic curves plotterKomgart Prakorbphole
2010Vague prime ideals and vague primary ideals of vague ringsSirawich Chinwarakorn
1999The validation of measurement of body fat by bioelectrical impedance method compared with underwater weighing methodCharintip Khongsakpornchai
1999Validation of pain measurements in Thai children aged 1-5 years within 24 hours following operationSuwannee Suraseranivongse
2006Validation of submaximal cycle ergometer test and step test to evaluate cardiorespiratory fitness inWanwisa Bungmark
2018Validation of LAMP-LFD Ehrlichia canis DNA sensor KitPipat Jirapiti
2004Validity and reliability of Girth measurement (Circumference measurement) for calculating residual limb volume in below knee amputeesJariya Boonhong
1999The validity and reliability of information from a student annotation form for work samples in portfoliosBrookhart, Susan M.
2012Validity and reliability of Thai version of Overactive Bladder Symptom ScoreChavalit Honglertsakul
2018-04Valproic acid attenuates nitric oxide and interleukin‑1β production in lipopolysaccharide‑stimulated iron‑rich microgliaNootchanat Mairuae; Poonlarp Cheepsunthorn
1967Value Differences Between Thais and the Second-Generation Chinese in ThailandChaiyaporn Wichawut
2009Value investing in Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) : Financial signals vs growth in EPSSasanun Chungviwatanant
2016Value of cash during downturnChawarat Piyasil
2007The value of I/B/E/S recommendation : evidence in South-East Asian countriesTree-Lunch Purtvanich
2008Value relevance of EVA in mergers and acquisitionsKobporn Kulsurakit
2006Value-added products from rice bran and soybean by hydrolysis in subcritical waterKetmanee Wachararuji
2008Value-based development of Chiang Khan District, Loei Province, as a cultural tourism destinationArunswasdi Bhuridadtpong
2012The values of surname in Korean and Javanese societiesUmmul Hasanah
2006Vanadium catalysts for oxidation of alcoholsPiyanoot Hoonsart