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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2550YAOI : การ์ตูนเกย์โดยผู้หญิงเพื่อผู้หญิงญาณาธร เจียรรัตนกุล
2011Yeast cell-based assay of topoisomerase II inhibitory activitySuphattra Sangmalee
2008Yeast immobilization using thin shell silk cocoon for continuous ethanol productionAnuchit Rattanapan
2011Yeild curve forecasting with a large macroeconomic data set using two-step factorizationKrisada Khruachalee
2006Yellow coloration in heat-treated natural sapphiresChaniya Somboon
1976ynthesis of sodium carboxymethylellulose (Na-CMC)Ranee Hanpol
2002Young fault movements along the Southern Segment of Sri Sawat Fault, Amphoe Sri Sawat, Changwat Kanchanaburi; and their Tl-dating resultsRutchut Nutthee
2002Zeolite synthesis directly from alumatrane and silatrane via sol-gel process and microwave techniqueMathavee Sathupunya
2006Zeolite synthesis from fly ASH by fusion methodDoungmanee Rungsuk
2001Zeolite/cellulose acetate mixed matrix membranes for olefin/paraffin separationsWorrarat Rattanawong
2012Zero-mean functional equation on hyper-parallelepipedThanittha Kowan
2012Zero-mean functional equation on planar N-gonsJannapa Uttama
2007Zhou Enlai's role in the diplomatic breakthrough of Sino-Thai relations in 1975Hou Yuxia
2008Zieger-Natta catalyst on magnesium chloride support prepared from magnesium complexLikhasit Sinthusai
1998Zinc metal recovery from electric arc furnace dustSureerat Sukonthanit
2001Zirconocene catalyst with boron cocatalyst for methyl methacrylate polymerizationPeerawat Kajornkiratikul
1986Zola et les impressionnistes: la conjonction entre les univers litteraire et artistiquePornchan Tanakiat
2009Zr-based intermetallic diffusion barrier for stainless steel supported palladium membraneMaslin Chotirach
2005Zusammemstob und ausgleich zwischen ,,Der Alten Welt" und ,,Der Neuen Welt" in Ludwig Tiecks Der Junge TischlermeisterKonggrit Bhookkamarn