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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Biodiesel production via heterogeneous base catalyst from seashells continuous fixed bed reactorWayu Jindapon
2012Blow-up of p-laplace heat equation on riemannian manifoldsSomkiat Soontornsawat
2012Characterization of PmSERPIN3 gene from black tiger shrimp Penaeus monodonNatthiya Wetsaphan
2012Classifying character's action in role-playing game simulation using resilient backpropagation neural networkPiyachai Eamsukawat
2012Determination of creatinine by spectrophotometry after extraction by functionalized MCM-41-coated magnetic particlesSakkarin Boontham
2012Diversity of corticolous lichens on some host plants in limestone forest, Amphoe Nong Hin, Loei provinceShanerin Falab
2012Effect of ultraviolet radiation on pigment and polyamine contents related to photosynthetic system in cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803Suparaporn Khanthasuwan
2012Effects of annealing process on film surfaces grown by molecular beam epitaxy growth model with arrhenius lawSomjintana Potepanit
2012Effects of encapsulation of Cr-ZnO and Cu-ZnO-A1₂O₃ catalysts with silicoaluminophosphates on dimethyl ether synthesis from syngasKitima Pinkaew
2012Effects of temperature on gonadal development of the snail-eating turtle malayemys macrocephalaRangsima Pewphong
2012Equilibrium partitioning approach to define sediment quality guideline of some metals in Chao Phraya estuaryThanakorn Jiwarungrueangkul
2012Functional characterization of a clip domain serine proteinase PmClipSP2 from the black tiger shrimp Penaeus monodonKanyanat Promrungreang
1997Histopathology of Tilapia oreochromis niloticus liver after long-term exposure to Derris trifoliata leaves extractJassada Sakulku
2012History of sea-level change of pak nam chumphon area, Amphoe Muang, Changwat ChumphonParisa Nimnate
1999Isolation of alkaline lipase producing soil bacteriaPises Liawsakul
2012Magnetic nanoparticle-mesoporous silica mcm-48 composites for mercury(ii) ion removalSumitra Khonsa-nga
2012Mechanistic study of methanol conversion to propylene by phosphorus-modified H-ZSM-5 catalysts using DFT methodTreerat Chompoopudpong
2012A Mobile cloud system for multimedia file playingKaewkhwan Kaewmahingsa
2007Modified natural rubber latex by graft copolymerization with methyl methacrylate or styrene and hydrogenation using OsHCI(CO)(O₂)(PCy₃)₂ as a catalystSuwadee Kongparakul
2012Monitoring of total electron content variation in ionospheric region caused by earthquakes during 2009-2011Radchagrit Supakulopas