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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996Bioactive compounds from Glyptopetalum sclerocarpum stem barkUthai Sotanaphun
1996Bioactive constituents of strychnos nitida g. don stemWitchuda Vejjajiva
2002Chemical constituents from Strychnos vanprukii stem and their biological activitiesPiyanuch Thongphasuk
2011Lipase inhibitors from some Thai medicinal plantsArissarakorn Sirinamarattana
2004Pharmacognostic properties and chemical composition of bastard carbamomRuchilak Bottarom
2004Pharmacognostic properties of acanthus ebracteatus vahlPatarakorn Manasomboon
2007Phytochemical study of Cryptolepis Buchanani stemAmornthip Somsook
1989Phytochemical study of Erycibe Subspicata StemLerpong Thanakijcharoenpath
1996Phytochemical study of fissistigma polyanthoides (DC.) Merr. stem barkPorntip Theraratchailert
1995Phytochemical study of Pycnarrhena lucida (Teijsm.&Binn.)Miq.StemSurachat Ngorsurachest
2001Phytochemical study of Siphonodon celastrineus Griff. rootChokkchai Niampoka
1991Phytochemical study of Strychnos nux-blanda A.W. Hill barkPranee Chavarittumrong
1986The study of anthraquinones from morinda talmyi pierre rootsSuvimol Chaiyaraj
1986The study of coumarins and some flavonoids from ageratum conyzoides leavesSrunya Vajrodaya
1973A study of tropane derivatives from thorn apple leaves (Datura metel linne) and wild yam tubers (Dioscorea hispida dennst)Rapepol Bavovada
2004Taxonomy and secondary metabolites of selected actinomycete strains and monascus kaoliang KB 20 M 10.2Suchada Jongrungruangchok