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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Particle coating in fluidized bed coater enhanced with electrostaticityYuwadee Phoonphetmongkon
1996Patameter estimation of a simplified model for predicting aerosol collection efficiency on a dust-loaded fiberAdisorn Areephant
2010Performance comparison between methane steam reforming and decomposition for solid oxide fuel cell system with carbon captureNarisra Triphob
2009Polymer coating of fine particles using supercritical carbon dioxide technology with ethanol cosolventBenjapol Kongsombut
2010Preparation of 5-HMF by hydrothermal treatment of palm kernel shell residuesPawit Tongrod
2009Preparation of activated carbons doped with iron oxide for removing phenol within pilot-scaled three-phase fluidized bedSukhum Chaeysiri
2011Preparation of carbon nanotubes decorated with copper nanoparticles by microwave treatmentNattaporn Leelaviwat
2008Preparation of Fe catalyst coated on activated carbon for decomposition of aqueous phenol in three-phase fluidized bed reactorPilasinee Limsuwan
2007Preparation of fire retardant particles by emulsion method for intumescent coatingVasana Kamonmanniwat
2008Preparation of hierarchic porous carbon mobolith without using templatesAdisak Siyassukh
2006Preparation of micropore or mesopore on 3d interconnected macroporous carbon monoliths by physical and chemical activationPatompong Maneeprom
2004Preparation, characterization and continuous process design of activated carbon from waste tiresChalida Klaysom
2004Production of carbon nanoparticles using ARC discharge in water methodPoonlasak Muthakarn
2013Rapid surface modification of single-walled carbon nanohorns with copper compound by microwave irradiationParichat Thipayang
2002Removal of acetaldehyde, ammonia and trimethylamine gases using electron attachment reaction at high temperatureJintawat Chaichanawong
2003Removal of dilute binary and tertiary gas mixture of acetaldehyde, ammonia and trimethyl amine in nitrogen using electron-attachment reactor at high temperatureApiluck Iad-Uea
2010Removal of dye pollutants using multi-walled carbon nanotubes with magnetic characteristicsNattapol Akrapattangkul
2005Simulation and analysis of pressure drop in high temperature twin-candle ceramic filter systemWitsarut Jintaworn
1996Simulation of oil-loss in storage tanksWanlop Wannawanich