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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Admicelles and adsolubilization using linker molecules and extended surfactants onto aluminum oxide surfaceAmpira Charoensaeng
2016Biofuels from vegetable oil-diesel based microemulsions by Green surfactant systemsAmpira Charoensaeng; Pomthong Malakul; David A. Sabatini
2019Combined life cycle analysis and material flow analysis as a tool for end of life options of used lubricating oilsKomsan Toeipomthong
2018The combined material flow analysis and life cycle assessment for integrated end-of-life of mercury contaminated petroleum waste managementPutthita Chongchongprasert
2018Designing binary low IFT surfactant system using HLD concept for oil recoveryTukta Jamprakhon
2018Development of group-contribution models for use in surfactant selection – case studies of single and mixed surfactant applicationsWoramet Chanachichalermwong
2018Evaluation of environmental impacts for non-metallic part in waste printed circuit boards (PCBs) using combined material flow analysis (MFA) and life cycle assessment (LCA)Warisara Rungsitikul
2018Life cycle assessment of end of life strategies for waste from petroleum productionNuntawat Urairat
2016Life cycle assessment of lighting equipment: A comparison of fluorescent lamp and light emitting diode lamp in ThailandWaraporn Thavornvong
2017Material Flow Analysis (MFA) Study for Sustainable Management of PVC Wastes in Thailand (Phase III)Wikanda Khomchu
2017Microemulsion Formation of Vegetable Oils Using Mixed Extended Surfactant for Cleaning ApplicationsSiriluk Jariyawattanarat
2018Novel microemulsion formation by the hydrophilic- lipophilic deviation concept using carboxylate extended surfactants for eor applicationSuchawadee Kumkhuntod
2018Use of binary surfactant formulations in low ift foam and surfactant floodSorrawit Tantipalakul
2017Vegetable Oil Based Microemulsion BiofuelsU-Larak Peson