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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Adsorption of 1,3-propanediol from synthetic mixture using polymeric resin as adsorbentsWalaiporn Luerruk
1997Alkaloid extraction from herbs by emulsion liquid membrane processSirikul Chunsawang
1989Application of ultrafiltration for improved productivity in continuous acetone-butanol fermentationMuenduen Phisalaphonge
2007Brewer's yeast autolysate utilization for lactic acid production in batch fermentorYoddanai Anatkatat
1995Control of biomass concentration for enhancement of butanol productivity in a continuous membrane bioreactorParichart Janthong
2000Crude barakol extraction from Cassia siamea using packed bed extractorGeerati Sornwattana
2005Effects of processing condition on the surface segregation of s-BPDA/ODA polyimide and silicone-containing block copolyimide blendsWanpen Benjapan
1998Effects of the ultrasonic wave on microfiltration in a tubular moduleBongkot Ngamsom
1994Emulsion liquid membrane extraction of phenylalanine and tryptophanNoppaporn Panich
1996Emulsion liquid membrane separation of copper from aqueous solutionPorntep Kongkapetchawan
1995Extraction of l-lysine from aqueous solution by emulsion liquid membrane processApirak Suetrong
1999L-lysine extraction from mother liquor by emulsion liquid membraneWanwisa Thawisaeng
2008Pervaporation of aqueous ethanol solution using bacterial cellulose-alginate membraneNitisak Kanjanamosit
2539Production of protease from Bacillus subtilis TISTR 25 by fermentation process with microfiltrationNuntapon Sukmongkok
2006Separation of crude beta-carotene from palm olein by adsorption with synthetic polymerRutthai Veeracharttawan
1994Solvent productivity improvement in acetone-butanol fermentation by two-stage continuous systemSatida Krailas
2007Solvent selection for separation of biologically derived 1,3-propanediolThapagorn Boonsongsawat
1996Solvent separation and concentration from acetone-butanol fermentation broth by the pervaporation processNarongechai Prapakornwiriya
2008Tamarind seed polysaccharide isolation from tamarind kernel powder by protease enzyme and high-intensity ultrasoundSukhum Poommarinvarakul