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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Accuracy of patients' prediction in perennial allergic rhinitisSupinda Saengpanich; Ladda Chochaipanitnon; Songklot Auemjaturapat; Pakpoom Supiyaphun
2005Assessment of the respiratory control and esophageal speech ability in Thai laryngectomees after esophageal speech trainingSirikanya Lertsarunyapong; Nantana Pracharitpukdee; Siripornchai Supanakorn
2002Comparative studies of diagnostic tests of tuberculous lymphadenitis : culture for TB (BACTEC), polymerase chain reaction and histopathologyPrakobkiat Hirunwiwatkul; Somying Tumwasorn; Nibondh Udomsantisuk; Ukkaporn Sirichai
2002Comparison of skin reaction by skin prick testing and skin endpoint titration testing in the patients allergic to dust mites or cockroachesSongklot Aeumjaturapat; Supinda Saengpanich; Persarp Isipradit
2005Effect of external nasal dilator strip on nasal respiration in normal Thai volunteers : Rhinomanometric and acoustic rhinometric evaluationPakpoom Supiyaphun; Apiradee Snidvong Na Ayuthaya; Virachai Kerekanjanarong
2003Middle fossa approach for removal of acoustic neuroma : case reports and literature reviewPermsarp Isipradit; Chopeow Taecholarn; Saowaros Asawavichianginda; Kanate Vaewvichit
2002Necrotizing fasciitis : a case report and reviewPrakobkiat Hirunwiwatkul
2002Result of the translabyrinthine approach for acoustic neuroma removalPermsarp Isipradit; Kanate Vaewvichit; Chopeow Taecholarn; Saowaros Asawavichianginda; Songklot Aeumjaturapat