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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995Changes in renal functions during acute l-arginine loading in dogsChutima Udom
1989Changes in water metabolism in relation to renal functions of Swamp buffaloes during short term exposed to the solar radiationNarongsak Chaiyabutr; Chollada Buranakarl; Somchai Chanpongsang; Prapa Loypetjra
2018-01Dietary cation and anion difference : Effects on milk production and body fluid distribution in lactating dairy goats under tropical conditionsNguyen, Thiet; Narongsak Chaiyabutr; Somchai Chanpongsang; Sumpun Thammacharoen
2003Effect of Brimonidine ingestion on cardiovascular, renal function and acid-base balance in dogsSiram Suwanwipat
1987Effect of exogenous urea on urea metabolism in heat stressed swamp buffaloNarongsak Chaiyabutr; Chollada Buranakarl; Prapa Loypetjra; Ayus Pichaicharnarong
1985The effect of indomethacin on pelvic pressurre during ureteral obstruction in dogs induced plasma hyperosmolality and plasma hypoosmolalitySripatchara Mansap
1986Effect of renal hemodynamics of intrarenal arterial infusion of Russell's viper venom in dogsKasorn Suwanprasert
1986Effect of Russell's viper venom on renal function during volume expansion in dogsTianchai Chaiyasest
1987Effect of Russell's viper venom on renal functions during intrarenal infusion of thromiboxane synthetase inhibitor in dogsWorawan Kingkheawkanthong
1986Effect of russell's viper venom on the renal handling of inorganic phosphorus in dogsPrasert Meeratana
1983Effect of Russell's viper's venom on renal function in dogsPrapaporn Tungthanathanich
2006Effects of betaine supplementation on mammary function and body in late lactating crossbred saanen goatsNungnuch Saipin
1989Effects of biliary obstruction and indomethacin on renal functions in ratsPiyanuch Radinahamed
1987Effects of cassava root meal and protein supplement on growing rabbitsSuwanna Kijparkorn; Narongsak Chaiyabutr; Chonlada Buranakarl
1996Effects of cobra (Naja naja kaouthia) venom and its cardiotoxic fraction on renal functions in anaesthetized dogsPratanporn Chua-anusorn
2003Effects of exogenous bovine somatotropin on mammary function in relation to water metabolism in early lactation of crossbred Holstein cattleWanida Maksiri
2004Effects of exogenous recombinant bovine somatotropin (rbST) on mammary function in late lactating crossbred saanen goatsKulapa Polratana
1988Effects of exogenous urea infusion on glucose metabolism in acute heat stressed swamp buffaloesNarongsak Chaiyabutr; Chollada Buranakarl; Prapa Loypetjra
2009Effects of green tea waste in total mixed ration on milk production, nutritient digestibility and antioxidant activity in cross-bred lactating cowsThitimon Theeraphaksirinont
1986Effects of heat stress on the renal electrolyte excretion related to body fluid of the swamp buffaloesKalaya Youngsukying