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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Biological behavior of bone cells on two types of hydroxyapatite incorporated polymer scaffoldBoontharika Chuenjitkuntaworn
2006Catalytic pyrolysis of waste tire into valuable upstream petrochemical products : effect of metal oxides and ITQ-loaded catalystsPapaphan Surmpanich
2010Cross-linking of gelatin using plant phenolics for gelatin fabricationTharittri Pornpitchaya
2007Detailed investigation on titanium (IV) oxide nanofiber synthesized by combined sol-gel and electrospinning techniqueJaturon Supapol
2005Effects of beta-nucleating agent and mineral fillers on mechanical properties of PP/EPR blendsRatchaneekun Bunnuklap
2004Effects of ethylene octene copolymer and talc on mechanical properties of extruded polyethylene foamDesai, Satyen S.
2004Effects of processing agents on bead formation of electrospun poly(ethylene oxide) nanofibersKunawan Arayanarakul
2004Effects of processing parameters on morphology and diameter of electrospun gelatin nanofibersNuanchan Choktaweesap
2004Effects of synthesis parameters and secondary metal doping on physical and chemical properties of the electrospun titanium (IV) oxide nanofibersJeerapong Watthanaarun
2010Electrospinning of neat and aluminium-doped resorcinol/formaldehyde gelPanitnart Ubollers
2007Electrospun chitosan/tetrahydrocurcumin fiber mats for biomedical applicationMaylada Rungroj
2006Electrospun polyhydroxyalkanoate(PHA) fibers for bone regenerationKorakot Sombatmankhong
2007Enhancing hydrophobicity of electrospun poly(vinyl alcohol) fibers by chemical reaction of hydroxyl groupsNavarun Chaim-Ngoen
2006In Vitro study of electrospun polyhydroxyalkanoatefibers for nerve regenerationSuchada Waleetorncheepsawat
2008Mechanical properties of polypropylene composites reinforced by organoclays and glass fibersSarayut Kusakul
2006Microscopic and macroscopic crystallization kinets of poly(3-hydroxybuture)and its blendsZainab Ziaee
2007A Novel method for zinc oxide synthesis via combined electrospinning and solvothermal techniquesNaratip Sangkhaprom
2006Photocatalytic degradation of 4-chlorophenol over TiO2 nanofibersSaengkae Pairattanakorn
2007Polyelectrolyte multilayer coating on electrospun cellulose acetate fibrous membrane for desalinationWatadta Ritcharoen
2007Preparation and characterization of bone scaffolds from polycaprolactone by solvent-casting and solute-leaching techniquesWipawan Inrung