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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Adsolubilization of organic compounds in mixed anionic-nonionic surfactant admicelles adsorbed on a solid oxide surfacePrasertpong Arunwuttipong
2006Adsorption of heavy metal and organic contaminants by natural zeolite modified by cationic and anionic surfactantsNattikan Termkaew
2007Adsorptive removal of sulfur compounds from transportation fuels by using zeolitic adsorbentsSongpol Pringprayong
2007Analcime dissolution and silica precipitation in acids : effects of anionsAbu Mokhtarul Hassan
2016Biofuels from vegetable oil-diesel based microemulsions by Green surfactant systemsAmpira Charoensaeng; Pomthong Malakul; David A. Sabatini
2006Continuous removal of thiophenic sulfur compounds from transportation fuels by using X zeoliteJittima Kaewboran
2018Development of LCSoft as a tool for life cycle assessment of environmental impacts : incorporating additional LCIA methodologies and environmental footprintTanathip Rattanatum
2007The Effect of composition on n-alkane depositionEkarit Panacharoensawad
2017Effects of bead size and concentration of unstable asphaltenes obtained from different centrifugation techniques on asphaltene deposition in packed bed apparatusKimchhay Lao
2007Environmental and energy assessment of natural gas production in Thailand using life cycle assessment(LCA)techniqueCharoen Lappitakpong
2017Improvement of life cycle assessment software and its applicationsYodsathorn Chavewanmas
2017The Incipient Layer of Wax DepositTunya Ketjuntiwa
2006Inhibition of silicate precipitation during analcime dissolutionPornchai Sae-Lim
2017Investigation of asphaltene aggregation kinetics in the presence of water-in-oil emulsionPenpitcha Roengsamut
2006Investigations into asphaltene depositionTabish Maqbool
2017Material Flow Analysis (MFA) Study for Sustainable Management of PVC Wastes in Thailand (Phase III)Wikanda Khomchu
2006Recovery of mixed surfactants from water using multi-stage foam fractionation : effects of feed position, reflux position and reflux ratioRacharith Sripituk
2007Simultaneous removal of heavy metal and organic contaminants using surfactant-modified adsorbents (SMADs)Patcharaporn Nilkaew
2006Surfactant-enhanced biodegradation of crude oil sludge in sequencing batch reactorThanaphong Attavavuthichai
2007Surfactant-enhanced biodegradation of crude oil sludge in sequencing batch reactor: effect of surfactant concentration, oil loading rate and number of cycle per dayKwanruethai Comchumpoo