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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Active packaging based on ethylene scavenger PP / organomodified clay nanocompositesYukhanthorn Varothai
2008Admicellar polymerization of doped polypyrrole and polythiophene on natural rubberAdisorn Chirasakulkarun
2006Aspect of ionic polymer/oppositely charged surfactant complexRatana Giles
2006Catalytic pyrolysis of waste tire into valuable upstream petrochemical products : effect of metal oxides and ITQ-loaded catalystsPapaphan Surmpanich
2006Effect of onium ion structure on nanoclay and PP nanocompositesKittimon Jirakittidul
2006Effect of surfactant structure on nanoclays and PP reactive nanocompositesAtinuch Phandee
2015The effects of Ethoxylated Bisphenol A Dimethacrylates content on the thermal and thermo-mechanical properties of chemical crosslinked Polylactic acidRathanawan Magaraphan
2017Electrical property-investigation of porous clay heterostructures derived from naturally-occurring clay minerals for smart packagingKornkamol Srithammaraj
2018Green composites of polylactic acid filled with natural fiber for biodegradation applicationChamaiporn Yamoum
2008Nanoclay/polypropylene composite for ethylene and carbon dioxide scavenging filmsTantika Aksonnum
2008Nanoclay/polypropylene nanocomposite dyed fiberNattaporn Aimampaiwong
2018-08-02A novel and facile nanoclay aerogel masterbatch toward exfoliated polymer-clay nanocomposites through a melt-mixing processWasuthep Luecha; Rathanawan Magaraphan
2006A Novel processible-white natural rubber modified by admicellar polymerization of styrene as nano-core shell structureNattapong Prechasup
2007Polypropylene / organoclay nanocomposited for pH-sensitive packagingSakkarin Tassanawat
2006Preparation of biopolymer nanoparticles and nanofibersVipasri Kanchanason
2001Reduction of reaction time of PMMA casted sheet by using heating ovenPitee Tantivess
2007Rheological and physical properties of natural rubber modified by admicellar polymerization of styreneSaman Isahoh
2008Smart packaging for fish spoilage indicatorAcharee Seephueng
2006Syntheses of porous clay heterostructures from local clay minerals for the development of polypropylene nanocompositesSarinya Luangsukrerk
2007Synthesis and characterization of polypyrole coated latex particles by admicellar polymerizationSirinya Chantarak