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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20122-Absorbing and weakly 2-absorbing subsemimodules over commutative semiringsIssarapron Thongsomsuk
20162-Absorbing R-ideals of modules over near ringsSutida Patlertsin
2003The AIDs incubation distribution functionRatchanikorn Chonchaiya
2003Cauchy's functional equation in a restricted domainWatcharapon Pimsert
2010Higher derivations and jordan higher derivations of Г-ringsJulalak Kaewwangsakoon
2016k-zero-divisor hypergraphs of finite commutative ringsPinkaew Siriwong
2012Linear preservers on Hessenberg matricesPrathomjit Khachorncharoenkul
2008Linear transformation subsemigroups of LR(V,W) admitting the structure of a semihyperring with zeroSamkhan Hobuntud
2011Primalities of (R,S)-Submodules Of (R,S)-Modules and of left multiplication (R,S)-ModulesThawatchai Khumprapussorn
2012Prime and weakly prime subhypermodules and prime fuzzy subhypermodulesApirat Siraworakun
2002Quasi-hyperideals in Krasner hyperingsSansanee Nenthein
2004Relationship between the characters and the elementary symmetric sums of weightsSurachai Charoensri
2008Some local Subsemigroups of semigroups of partial transformations and linear transformationsRuangvarin Intarawong Sararnrakskul
2007Some properties of hypermodules over Krasner hyperringsApirat Siraworakun
2006Some T - SemigroupsThawatchai Khumprapussorn
2003Some theorems in skew-semimodules over semiringsPiya Mitrraks
2003Tensor products of modules over semifieldsRuangvarin Intarawong
2010Vague prime ideals and vague primary ideals of vague ringsSirawich Chinwarakorn
2008Weakly Regular T-Seminearrings and Simple T-SeminearringsPrathomjit Khachorncharoenkul
2015ф-n-absorbing ideals and ф-generalized-n-absorbing ideals of commutative semiringsPattarawan Petchkaew