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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1989Analysis of chemical species for trace metals in near-shore sediment by sequential leaching methodPenjai Sompongchaiyakul
2001Comparison of phosphorus partitioning results in sediments by various extraction methodsPatcharee Wiratchapun
1988Distribution and speciation of Cu, Pb, and Fe along the mae klong river, and their variations during estuarine MixingMonchai Teinkarodjanakul
2011Efficiency of carbon deposition by carbon dioxide assimilation of microalgae and bivalvesChompunut Chairattana
2012Equilibrium partitioning approach to define sediment quality guideline of some metals in Chao Phraya estuaryThanakorn Jiwarungrueangkul
1989Improvement of solvent extraction method for trace metals in seawaterWatana Sukasem
2003Metallothionein as a biomarker for mercury contamination in mussel, Perna viridisChinda Parsont
1996Preliminary assessment on reference elements in Mae Klong watershed for sediments analysed by total digestion methodTunlawit Satapanajaru
2002Sequential extraction method for the study of silicate speciation in estuarine sedimentDaroonwan Sakuna
2015Solid phase extraction of mercury from seawater using sulfur powder chemically modified with N-(2-chlorobenzoyl)-N’-phenylthiocarbamide and analysis by atomic fluorescence spectrometryTanita Gettongsong
1981A study of estaurine physical environmentof Tha Chin RiverSirichai Dharmvanij
2011Using acid volatile sulfide–simultaneous extracted metals as an assessment tool for metal pollution risk in the upper gulf of ThailandJuthamas Sirirat