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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Analysis of biomarkers in crude oils, processed oils, and spilled oilsPornpetch Hattakijvilai
2006Catalytic cracking and aromatization of C4 - C5 hydrocarbons over ZSM-5 zeolite: acitivity and regenerationPrancharee Teerathanakit
2018Conversion of n-Pentane to aromatics: effect of surface modification by chemical liquid deposition and promoter over nano scale Ga/HZSM-5Sukkatad Sintapanin
2017Conversion of Palm Fatty Acid Distillate to Biojet Fuel over Ni/HY-PdiTiOz Core-shell CatalystChanakran Homla-or
2007Deep hydrogenation of tetralin in the presence of dibenzothiophene over PtPd catalysts : influence of fluorineNitchanun Rattanapuchapong
2006Deep hydrogenation of tetralin over Pt/Pd catalysts : Influence of fluorine and catalyst preparationSiridao Techapermphol
2006Demulsification of water in crude oil emulsion from lankrabue fieldDonnaret Nanthakhetwong
2018Identification of crude oils and fuel oils after weathering using biomarkers, pyrogenic index and asphaltenes contentsHathairat Thongkorn
2007Mercury removal from heavy naphtha by various adsorbentsRattakit Kitsanguan
2006Mercury removal from simulated gas condensate : an experimental studyFahim Ullah
2556n-alkane aromatization over modified Pt supported KL zeolitesSiriporn Jongpatiwut; Somchai Osuwan; Thirasak Rirksomboon; ชมพูนุท พึ่งกลั่น
2006n-Octane aromatization over Pt/KL catalysts : effect of tinSutthavee Yacharn
2006n-Octane aromatization over Pt/MCM-41Thanwa Udom-piriyasak
2018Production of biojet fuel from palm fatty acid distillate over Ni/HZSM-12 catalystChayanee Hiranyasiri
2006Study of diphenylmercury from liquid hydrocarbonsUdomsak Rakrood
2006Study of temperature dependence on mercury solubility in condensate and crude oil : part II Cyclic aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbonsPiya Kittichaichana
2006Study of temperature dependence on mercury solubility in condensate/ crude : part I normal-and branched-paraffinsPanithita Rochana
2006Study of wax inhibitor an inhibiting stability for petch crude oilKiattisak Malikhow