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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Analysis of DNA fingerprint and polysaccharide constituent in Durian cultivarsOnanong Nuchuchua
2010Antimicrobial activity of seed coat extracts of Tamarind cultivars and topical preparationPiyanuch Wongprapairoj
2001Antimicrobial property of polysaccharide gel from durian fruit-hullsNantawan Nantawanit
2010Antioxidant activity of seed coat extracts from Tamarind cultivars and topical preparationWaleewan Eaknai
2011Antioxidant and cytoprptective effects of Tamarindus indica seed coat extractOranuch Nakchat
2011Cytoprotective and wound healing effects of Tamarindus Indica seed coat extracts on human cell linesSiriporn Konsue
2003Entrapment of sugars and vitamins by polysaccharide gel from durian fruit-hulls in vitroWaraporn Piyasirananda
2007Hypoglycemic effect in diabetic rats and antimicrobial activity of Malvastrum Coromandelianum Garcke Aqueous extractChaiyasit Sittiwet
2002In vitro study on entrapment of lipids within polysaccharide gel from fruit-hulls of DurianChutima Tippayakul
2007Polysaccharide gel from durian rinds for preventing bacterial mastitis in dairy cowsRaktham Maktrirat
2003Potential hypoglycemic constituents from coscinium fenestratumNapapan Pongpoungphet
2002Preparation and evaluation of dressing film of polysaccharide gel from fruit-hulls of durian on wound healing in pig skin in vivoOranuch Nakchat
2006Production development of microcrystalline cellulose from durian fruit hulls for industrial scale-upNarin Kijkriengkraikul
2004Property of polysaccharide gel from durian as dressing preparations and its effect on wound healing in dog skinRaveewan Siripokasupkul
2003Property of Polysaccharide gel from Durian fruit-hulls as a mucoadhesive filmTanaporn Tachatawepisarn
2008Quantitative analysis of organic acids in aqueous extracts of Tamarindus Indica pulp and preparation of tamarind powdersWirod Chaipornpokin