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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Characterization of Ce-TZP annealed in vacuum atmospherePrevit Nunthasunti
2007Characterization of flat sheet cement containing rice husk ashWorrachead Somboonna
2003Development of alumina substrate for peltier elementPao Na Nakorn
2003Development of alumina-zirconia composite for miulling ballKamol Panmaung
2003Development of ferroelectric paste by sceen printing techniqueUsa Kaeowanpen
2004Development of low cost Mg-PSZ with nanostructure and high mechanical strengthPawena Thanngam; Supatra Jinawath
1999Development of products from Mae Moh flue-gas gypsumSupatra Jinawath
2007Effects of forming process and firing temperature on thermal expansion coefficient of ceramic bodiesKachin Saiintawong
2003Effects of microstructure of sintered tin oxide on gas-sensing sensitivityUtoomporn Korkerd
2006Effects of titanium cation substitution on piezoelectric properties of bismuth sodium lanthanum titanate systemSupamas Danwittayakul
2005Electrical property characterization of electrolyte materials in solid oxide fule cells by AC impedance spectroscopyAreerak Khamnoi
2004Fabrication of electrolyte materials for solid oxide fuel cells by tape-casting techniquePatthamaporn Timakul
2002Fabrication of porous calcium phosphatesSupatra Jinawath
2003High strength materials : alumina-zirconia composite using low cost raw powderKhanthima Hemra
2000Lanthanum-modified lead zirconate titanate photostrictive actuatorsBhanu Vetayanugul
2006Preparation of bioceramic specimens for medical application : report onSupatra Jinawath; Dujreutai Pongkao Kachima; Pornapa Sujaridworakun
1999Preparation of calcium phosphate compounds from by-product of bone gelatin productionSuphasinee Limpanuphap
2004Preparation of dental polishing paste from local materialsParawee Chaono
2008Preparation of photocatalytic material from zeolite synthesized by using rice husk silicaWithaya Panpa