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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1990Biological markers for geochemical correlation of crude oils from Sirikit oilfield, Phitsanulok BasinKulwadee Lawwongngam
2003Blending poly(vinyl chloride) with used rubber tireSumittra Samingpai
2002Compatibilized poly (ethylene terephthalate)/EPDM blendsPornrut Rungraungthitisuk
1999Conductive polypyrrole composite films by chemical vapor polymerizationUthairat Jirapatanapong, 1973-
1988Copolymerization of the fungicidal chlorophenyl acrylates with methyl methacrylatePenchit Chitnumsub
2007Cr-Based intermetallic diffusion barrier for stainless steel supported palladium membraneJaroenporn Chokboribal
2002Degradation of natural rubber during hydrogenation using RuCl2(PPh3)3Sarocha Khamwijit
2002Degradation of photosensitized calcium carbonate filled HDPE filmAwirut Sopaladawan
1990Dehydrogenation of methanol to methyl formate on copper-exchanged clay catalystsChatsuda Pantawong
1997Development of industrial film from HDPE/MLLDPE blendHatairat Parichattakul
2012Development of oil sorbents from cellulose by acetylationThitima Tanosawan
2011Development of polycarbonate with 5vb flame retardacyArthit Phermtermsin
1999Development of PVC color masterbatch for both of PVC bottle and PVC cable compoundSoonthorn Marksook
2015Development of solvent systems containing tertiaryamines for CO2 absorptionSudkanueng Singto
2006Dry reforming of methane using dense palladium membrane supported on porous stainless steelSutheerawat Samingprai
2006Dynamic vulcanization and propreties of polypropylene/reclaimed tire rubber blendsNilubon Horasith
2000Effect of dopants on electrical and electrochemical properties of polymers containing triphenylamine moietyTidarat Wangwijit
1990Effect of photosensitizers on the photodegradation of blow molding poly (vinyl chloride)Aranya Sirivallop
1992Effect of poly(Phenyl vinyl ketone) on photodegradation of high density polyethylene filmPaveena Khansawai