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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Catalytic upgrading of pyrolytic oil using CeO2-ZrO2 mixed oxide catalystsSomsak Thaicharoensutcharittham
2007Characterization of oxide film on CANDU reactor feeder pipe steels in high temperature waterTeerarat Pattanaparadee
2006Characterization of oxide film on feeder pipe steels in high temperature waterTeerapat Suthicharoen
2006Construction, characterization and validation of a lithium ferrite electrodeApinan Neawphanassawa
2007Deep hydrogenation of tetralin in the presence of dibenzothiophene over PtPd catalysts : influence of fluorineNitchanun Rattanapuchapong
2006Deep hydrogenation of tetralin over Pt/Pd catalysts : Influence of fluorine and catalyst preparationSiridao Techapermphol
2002Hydrogen production by autothermal system : catalyst studiesAnantri Chitranont
2001Hydrogen production by autothermal system over Ce/Zr mixed oxidesThitiporn Jundee
2006Hydrogen production from methane and iso-octane via partial oxidation using CeO2-ZrO2 based catalystsSitthiphong Pengpanich
2006Hydroxylation of phenol using titanium-and tin-containing molecular sievesRaweewan Klaewkla
2006Mixed matrix membranes for CO2/CH4 separation : plasticization studyKitchana Sriwasut
2007Mixed matrix membranes for gas separation : plasticization study on cellulose acetate and zeolite incorporated cellulose acetate MMMsTanaporn Tanupabrungsun
2007Modified chitosan as antimicrobial agent and strength additive for paper productsRattana Kititerakun
2556n-alkane aromatization over modified Pt supported KL zeolitesSiriporn Jongpatiwut; Somchai Osuwan; Thirasak Rirksomboon; ชมพูนุท พึ่งกลั่น
2006n-Octane aromatization over Pt/KL catalysts : effect of tinSutthavee Yacharn
2006n-Octane aromatization over Pt/MCM-41Thanwa Udom-piriyasak
2006Removal of solvent-based ink from HDPE surfaces by alkyltrimethylammonium bromidesArubol Chotipong