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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1989Approximation of probabilities of sum of independent discrete random variablesKritsana Neammanee
1976Construction of room squaresChit Durongsaeng
1978Degree sequences of hypergraphsSivilai Tusayadej
1980Degree sequences of partite hypergraphsPasaad Kongtaln
1976The functional equation : f(x,y)+f(x+y,z)=f(y,z)+f(x,y+z)Gunnigar Kienvatana
1977The functional equation f(xoy)+f(xoy-1) = 2f(x)+2f(y)Arisa Rattanapet
1979Functional equation on srmigroupsSrichan Layraman
1977Generalized skewness and chromatic numbers of graphsSomkid Sakulvatana
1981Hypergraphs with prescribed neighbourhood structuresDumrong Tipyotha
1987Limit distribution for sums of the reciprocal of a positive power of independent random variablesImchit Termwuttipong
1974Limit distributions of sums of certain families of dependent random variablesPhornphun Yamklin
1993A limit theorem for random sums of independent random variables with finite variancesKritsana Neammanee
1974On construction of orthogonal latin squaresWanida Hemakul
1975On graphs defined from algebraic systemsNidtaya Chingchai
1976On Poisson approximationTiang Poomsa-ard
1974On Ramsey NumbersNarumon Hundee
1976On the functional equation g(xoy⁻¹) = g(x)g(y) + f(x)f(y)Somporn Malangpoo
1984On the functional equation g(xy-1) = g(x)g(y) + f(x)f(y) on commutative inverse semigroupsPrisana Sayvarin
1999Solutions of the system of functional equations f(x o y) = f(x)g(y) + g(x)f(y) and g(x o y) = g(x)g(y) - f(x)f(y) on semigroupsKanokporn Palasri
1974Some fixed point theoremsPatana Chotipanich