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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Conversion of crystalline cellulose to solvent by naturally selected and recombinant clostridiaChompunuch Virunanon
2006DSCR1 gene silencing by siRNA in fibroblast cells from patient with down syndromeNatchamon Sakundejpaiboon
2007DSCR1 gene silencing by siRNA in lymphoblast cells from patient with down syndromePantipa Trichantong
2011Engineering of laccase from trametes versicolor to improve the catalytic efficiency in synthetic dyes decolorizationMonnat Theerachat
2009Expression of genes and poteins involving salt-tolerance mechanisms in rice Oryza sativa L. analyzed by cDNA-AFLP and proteomicsRattanawadee Wichajarn
2015EXPRESSION OF XYLANASE GENE FROM Penicillium citrinum IN Pichia pastoris AND Yarrowia lipolyticaChanika Ouephanit
2009Gene expression related to free fatty acid synthesis in physic nut Jatropha curcas L. kernel by proteomics technique analysisThitiporn Booranasrisak
2007Identification of peptides specific for dextran binding by glucan binding assay techniqueSurisa Suwannarangsee
2009Improving cold flow properties of biodiesel produced from palm fatty acid distillateNicha Kongchom
2004Molecular genetic relationship of Cassia in ThailandKanchana srisawat
2004Molecular genetic relationship of some Aeschynanthus in ThailandPongtip Jaidee
1984Quantitative amount of alpha globin messenger RNA in the Haemoglobin H diseaseWarawut Chulalaksananukul
2003Species diversity and habitat characteristics of butterfly lizards (Leiolepis spp.) in ThailandVaranya Aranyavalai
2010Statistical analysis for parentage test and mutation rate determination in Thai databaseTawat Rinthachai
1997Synthesis and amyl acetate by lipases from various microorgamismsWarawut Chulalaksananukul
2006Utilization of used palm oil for lipase-based biodiesel productionParnuch Hongsawat