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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20093D captcha : a new generation of captchaMontree Imsamai
20093D coordinate estimation for hand motion image using scaled orthographic projection modelKosit Nopvichai
20123D-Model rendering in Chinese brush styleNucharee Thongthungwong
2018A scalable shapelet discovery for time series classificationNattakit Vichit
2006An abstract model for automated adaptable mobile agentDussadee Praserttitipong
2005Advanced machine learning method for prediction of protein secondary structureKasemsant Kuphanumat
2008Application of data mining techniques to predict internet usage consumption for personal objectives in the work placeBoonyavee Boonyamanop
2001An Application of inductive logic programming Fuzzy set, and artificial neural networks to Thai printed character recognitionJun Srisutapan
2007Applying multi objective micro genetic algorithm in irregular airline operation to solve flight combining and rerouting problemSoottipoom Yaowiwat
2011Automic redundant event detection for videoNarongsak Putpuek
2011Background-noise independent sound recognition using imagerial spectrogram patternsPeerapol Khunarsa
2018Classification of risk attitudes from customer behavior with machine learningTeeranai Sriparkdee
2007Computaton of force closure grasps from finite contact pont setNattee Niparnan
2011Computer science research collaborator recommendation based on temporal relation and publication similarityPaweena Chaiwanarom
2011The density-based minority over-sampling framework for class imbalanced problemsChumphol Bunkhumpornpat
2011Development of personal cloud file system framework for portable devicesSmith Dhumbumroong
2004A divide-and-conquer approach to the Pairwise Opposite Class-Nearest Neighbor (POC-NN) algorithm for classification and regression problemsThanapant Raicharoen, 1963-
2009An enhancement of 3D fluid control using adaptive kernel estimationSaithip Limtrakul
2004Exception handling framework for workflow automation collaborationKittipitch Kuptavanich
2006Extending language models with term proximity weight to utilize term set relation in information retrievalSompong Kittinaradorn