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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Activity of low-temperature water-gas shift over Gold-ceria Au/CeO2 catalystsTodsachid Vithayanupong
2007ADI method for 3-D reservoir simulationHarith Janthontapta-one
2018Adsorption of methane and carbon dioxide on activated carbon and metal organic frameworksChutima Sudsuansi
2007Adsorptive removal of sulfur compounds from transportation fuels by using zeolitic adsorbentsSongpol Pringprayong
2006Continuous removal of thiophenic sulfur compounds from transportation fuels by using X zeoliteJittima Kaewboran
2018Conversion of n-Pentane to aromatics: effect of surface modification by chemical liquid deposition and promoter over nano scale Ga/HZSM-5Sukkatad Sintapanin
2006Demulsification of water in crude oil emulsion from lankrabue fieldDonnaret Nanthakhetwong
2018Designing binary low IFT surfactant system using HLD concept for oil recoveryTukta Jamprakhon
2018Development of group-contribution models for use in surfactant selection – case studies of single and mixed surfactant applicationsWoramet Chanachichalermwong
2018Development of LCSoft as a tool for life cycle assessment of environmental impacts : incorporating additional LCIA methodologies and environmental footprintTanathip Rattanatum
2018Effecst of water on the methane hydrate formation and dissociation with hollow silica and activated carbonSarocha Rungrussamee
2007Effect of mercury on corrosion in production wells in the gulf of Thailand fieldsThunyaluk Pojtanabuntoeng
2017Effect of oxygen-containing functional groups on methane adsorption by activated carbonKittima Dheerapreampree
2018Energy and exergy analysis for cryogenic process design/retrofitNattawat Threerachannarong
2018Furfurylamine-based polybenzoxazine adsorbent for CO2 capture: effect of carbonization temperature and activation methodsThanabhumi Vongtiang
2018Heat exchanger network retrofit under fouling effectJaturaporn Yanyongsak
2007Hydrogen storage : effect of catalysts on hydrogen desorption/ absorption of Li-N-H and Li-Al-N-H systemsSomporn Thipmongkolsilp
2018Identification of crude oils and fuel oils after weathering using biomarkers, pyrogenic index and asphaltenes contentsHathairat Thongkorn
2007Inhibition and dissolution of wax deposition for phet crude in a semi-pilot scale using poly(ethylene-co-vinyl acetate)Perapon Sirijitt
2006Isolation of biosurfactant-producing bacteria relating to the activity of oil recoverySarawut Paisanjit