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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Fibrillation behaviour of man-made cellulosic fibers under microscopic examinationSiriluk Chiarakorn
1996Finishing of cotton fabric with citric acidPranee Rattanawaleedirojn
1996Fire retarded mechanism of inorganic tin compounds in flexible poly (vinyl chloride)Kanjana Boonyuenvitaya
2007Flame retardant finishing of fabrics by diammonium hydrogen phosphate using plasma generated from a theta-pinch deviceRutchapong Horthimaworrakun
2004Hydrophilic finishing of polyester fabric with modified chitosanDuangkamon Viboonratanasri, 1982-
1999Improvement of local phenolic resin coated sand for shell moldingUrawan Oengaew
2009Influence of degree of substitution on physical properties and biodegradability of modified cellulose films from pineapple leaf, corn husk, and waste cotton fabrics under microwave energyJittiporn Saeng-on
1996Influence of ultraviolet light on degradation of polyolefin filmsPornpen Atorngitjawat
1996Kinetics of foamed polymerization processPetcharat Potipin
2001Mechanical properties improvement of polypropylene/surface-modified newspaper pulp compositesTassanee Puttana
2005Mechanical property enhancement of polypropylene and polyester/cotton composites using a plasma focus devicePissanu Jumpa
1999Mercerization of cotton fabric with low concentration sodium hydroxide solution at low temperatureWorawan Asaves
2004Microwave induced esterification of paper mulberry for degradable film preparationKiathisak Uthamang
2006Microwave-induced thermal conversion of ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer/natural rubber composite fom shoe sole scrapKanit Soongprasit
2000Modificationof chitosan for anionic dyes removal from waste waterThorsak Kittikom
2000Non-formaldehyde durable press finishing of cotton fabric using acrylic acid / maleic acid copilymerUsa Thanasoonthornroek
2001Organic solvent resistance of glutaraldehyde crosslinked chitosan filmSununta Atsawasuwan
2000Organic/inorganic coating composites based on polyol-isocyanate/sol-gel systemRatcharoj Chareonsak
2002Photo-Biodegradation of LDPE /banana starch filmsUsarat Ratanakamnoun
1996Photocatalytic degradation of some azo dyes in waterKanjana Padermpol