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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Surface modification of electrospun fibers with polyelectrolyte multilayer thin films to improve animal-tissue cell adhesionPaveenuch Kittitheeranun
2007Surface modification of fabrics by air plasma and argon plasma generated from theta-pinch deviceChiraphorn Waipeeta
2004Surface modification of polypropylene nonwoven using a plasma focus device for lamination with polyester and cotton nonwovenJetsadang Srisawat, 1981-
2005Surface modification of synthetic and natural-fiber fabric using a theta-pinch deviceParnnapa Khaymapanya
1999Synthesis and application of highly substantive reactive dyesPornchai Suntifueangkul
2000Synthesis of azo reactive dyes containing quaternary ammonium group as temporarily solubilizing groupSujinda Jitjaicham
2003Synthesis of graft copolymers of cassava starch and methyl methacrylate using benzoyl peroxide as an initiatorPranorm Thothong
1999Synthesis of hydrophilic-hydrophobic copolymer as finishing agent for polyester fabricNarumon Kanchanapinpong
1999Synthesis of organic/inorganic hybrid materials for coating applicationsNaparatn Rojtinnakorn
2001Synyhesis of graft copolymers of cassava starch and styrene by free-radical polymerizationWeeradech Kiratitanavit
2006Thermoplastic elastomer from microwave-reclaimed shoe sole scrap and low density polyethyleneAmaraporn Sampantarat
2003Ultraviolet/ozone continuous surface modification of pet fiber for reinforcing in epoxy resinPaisan Khanchaitit
2001Use of ATR FT-IR spectroscopy technique to determine the crosslinking density of chitosan film at various depthsVuthipong Puengpipat
2004Use of medical gown nonwoven fabric manufacturing waste as a filler in high density polyethylenePattaraporn Singsatit
1999Use of sodium carbonate nucleating agent to improve mechanical properties of recycled pet for injection moldingSmornwan Cholprasert, 1976-