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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998Antibacterial antibiotics from Micromonospora species isolated from soilJiraporn Chantongcome
2012Application of Fe-filled multi-walled carbon nanotubes for removal of antibiotics from aqueous solutionKanokwan Sowichai
2012Assessment of knowledge attitudes and practices regarding antibiotics use in Kuanthani subdistrict Kantang district Trang province ThailandKanjanachaya Sirijoti
2016Biodegradation of tiamulin by wood-rot fungi and enriched bacterial cultures obtained from swine farmsNguyen Thi Kim Xuan
2010Community involvement for preventing antibiotic sale in village groceries at Mahasarakham provinceSomsak Arparsrithongsagul
2008Cross - Resistance between an Antiseptic Halquinol and Antibiotics in Escherichia coli Isolated from SwineNisit Chansong
2001The duration of antibiotic administration in penetrating abdominal traumaHien, Duong Trong
2003Effects of Jerusalem artichoke (Helianthus l.), a replacement of antibiotic, on growth performance, physical and biological changes of ileum and large intestine in weaning pigsPhiphob Sodsee
1983Evaluation of drug sensitivity tests against bacteria by minimal inhibitory concentration and disc methodsVitchaya Chantatipyan
2007High incidence of drug fever due to antibiotics used in treatment of brain abscess in childrenNarong Auvichayapat; Paradee Auvichayapat
2009Hollow-fiber liquid-phase microextraction for determination of macrolide antibiotic residues in water and poultry muscleSoparat Yudthavorasit
2005In vitro antibacterial activity of imipenem in combination with amikacin or with ciprofloxacin against imipenem resistant-Acinetobacter baumanniiSaranjit Duangseesai
2007In vitro antibacterial activity of imipenem in combination with colistin against multi-drug resistant ACINETOBACTER BAUMANNIISakulthip Panapakdee
2017Mathematical models for treatment time of pathogenic infection in blood after antibiotics administrationPanit Suavansri
2005Method development for the determination of antibiotics and antibacterials in cow milk using liquid chromatography-mass spectrometryUrairat Koesukwiwat
2012Nanoencapsulation of mangosteen extract : preparation, release, growth inhibition and anti-adhesion activities of Helicobacter PyloriPorntip Pan-in
2002Pulsed amperometric detection at gold electrode for determination of some antibiotic drugs applied to flow injection systemSanit Palaharn
1987Synthesis of isothiazolopyrimidine derivatives as potential antimicrobial agentsSumanas Akarapanichkorn
2550การคัดแยกแอกติโนมัยซีตที่ผลิตเซลลูเลสและสารปฏิชีวนะศิราภรณ์ สุขวโรทัย
2552การพัฒนาเทคนิคการตรวจวัดและอุปกรณ์ปฏิบัติการบนชิพสำหรับตรวจวัดสารตกค้าง ประเภทยาปฏิชีวนะและโลหะปนเปื้อนในอาหาร : รายงานการวิจัยอรวรรณ ชัยลภากุล; นาตยา งามโรจนวณิชย์; ธรรมนูญ หนูจักร; นงนุช เหมืองสิน; ลักษณา ลิ่มสวรรค์