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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Adsorption enhanced reaction process for hydrogen production from steam reforming of methaneNaruewan Chanburanasiri
2000Alkylation of toluene with methanol on Fe or Zn containing MFI-type zeolite catalystThana Punsupsawat
1999Application of the V-Mg-O/TiO2 catalyst on the selective oxidation of alcoholsPurida Pimanmas
2007Applications of titanium dioxide nanocrystal modified by quenching processes for catalyst and catalyst supportPiyawat Supphasrirongjaroen
2015Binary NiO-MnO catalyst for amperometric biosensorsSuriani Binti Ibrahim
2006Biodiesel from palm oils using solid catalyzed-transesterification reactionWattanachai Yaowarat
2012Biodiesel production from different palm-oil feedstocks with hydroprocessing process over Ni-Mo/Al₂O₃and Co-Mo/Al₂O₃ catalystsNarisara Rodboon
2017Catalytic Activity of Cu-CeO2ZrO2 for Biodiesel ProductionWasupon Wongvitvichot
2001Catalytic activity of gold-doped oxides for CO and CH3OH oxidationNorsit Sitthiwechvijit
2017Catalytic activity study of NixSny intermetallicsAnchernsiri Noomnual
2008Catalytic cracking of butane on modified ZSM-5 catalystPiyanun Phomthong
2009Catalytic cracking of glycerol using metal-supported SBA-15Tunyatorn Tongtooltush
1997Catalytic cracking of n-octane over y-type zeolite catalystPhanidar Jiratthitikan
2005Catalytic cracking of used lubricating oil on Fe/Al[subscript 2]O[subscript 3] and Fe/SiO[subscript 2]-Al[subscript 2]O[subscript 3]Waraporn Makvisai
1998Catalytic effect on depolymerization of used polystyrene to ethylbenzenePanatta Methakunvudhi
2011Catalytic pyrolysis of corncob using metal supported SBA-15Chomalee Kasiban
2008Catalytic study of cobalt modified titanium silicalites-1 in the hydroxylation of toluene to cresol by hydrogen peroxideSiya Udomchatchawan
2015Catalytic wet air oxidation of wastewater from acid removal systemWitat Juengwatanakij
2013Characteristic of gallium and boron modified ZrO2 on W/ZrO2 catalysts for esterificationChanidapa Padoongpitukchon
2007Characteristics and catalytic properties of nano-Pd/SiO[subscript 2] catalyst prepared by flame spray pyrolsisSirima Somboonthanakij