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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Application of Co-Mg-O/TiO2 catalyst on selective oxidation of alcoholsNungruetai Chaiyasit
2009Cabon dioxide hydrogenation over mesoporous titania supported-cobalt catalystEakkarat Buapan
2010Carbon dioxide hydrogenation over alumina-silica composites-supported cobalt catalystThamonwan Jetsadanurak
2009Carbon dioxide hydrogenation over titania-silica composites supported cobalt and nickel catalystsJakrapan Janlamool
2013Carbon dioxide reforming of methane for hydrogen production on co catalysts and ni-co bimetallic catalystsWaralee Marungrueang
2015Carbon dioxide reforming of methane over Ni-Co catalysts supported on Al2O3-HY zeoliteTipanate Chaovanich
2005Characteristics and catalytic properties of cobalt catalyst over titania supportsTipnapa Wongsalee
2004Characteristics and catalytic properties of glycothermal-derived zirconia supported cobalt catalysts in carbonmonoxide hydrogenationNuttakarn Taochaiyaphum
2005Characteristics and catalytic properties of mixed nano-gamma-alumina based-supported cobalt catalyst during carbon monoxide hydrogenationTanuchnun Burakorn
2011Characteristics and catalytic properties of spherical zirconia-supported cobalt catalyst for methanationWittaya Hewararak
2010Characteristics of activated carbon derived from rice bran residues and its application as a catalyst supportBenjapol Niticharoenwong
2003Cobalt-support compound formation in titania-supported cobalt catalystsChitlada Sakdamnuson
2015Comparison of mono metallic and bimetallics Co, Ni catalysts supported on Al2O3/ZSM-5 for CO2 reforming of methaneSutarat Thongratkeaw
2013CO₂ hydrogenation over Co/SBA-15 and Co/SBA-16 catalysts promoted with CeriaJittraporn Kruatim
2008Effect of gallium-modified Al₂O₃ ,TiO₂ and SiO₂ supports on characteristics and catalytic properties of supported cobalt catalystsOrapin Chokpaisan
2009Effect of milling on the formation of chi-alumina from gibbsite and its application as cobalt catalyst supportWasu Chaitree
2007Effects of bulk and surface defects of TiO[subscript 2] support on the physico-chemical properties of Co/TiO[subscript 2] catalyst VIA methanationSupawan Supawanitchmongkol
2006Factors affecting the synthesis of cobalt-titanium silicalite-1 catalystNattaporn Jiravasavanich
2013Hydrodesulfurization and hydrodenitrogenaton of dibenzothiophene mixed with pyridine in diesel oil over CoMo catalysts supported on Al₂O₃-TiO₂Teraporn Leaungon
2013Hydrogenolysis of glycerol to propanediol using co-based catalystsSupattra Raksaphort