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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Cellular delivery of antioxidants to macrophages by liposomesSuphakanya Tantrabundit
2012Chitosan nanoparticles with aluminium hydroxide gel as nasal delivery system for influenza vaccineAnawatch Mitpratan
1997Controlled release theophylline granules coated with poly (ethylacrylate methylmethacrylate) aqueous dispersion by fluidized bed techniqueUraiwan Petcharunpaisan
2011Development of asiatic acid solid lipid nanoparticles for nasal deliveryPilaiporn Khunathum
2009Development of osmotically controlled drug delivery system using crosslinked and non-crosslinked hard gelatin capsulesNijarat Wichianprasit
2011Development of proliposomes for oral delivery of P-glycoprotein substratesKesinee Netsomboon
2015Development of spray dried chitosan-based nanoaggregates containing lipid nanoparticles for oral delivery to brain targeting using bromocriptine and asiatic acid as drug modelsSiti Zahliyatul Munawiroh
2010Effect of gold nanoparticles on cytochrome P450 gene expression in HEPG2 cell lineLadear Wangcharoenrung
2006Effect of solid lipid nanoparticles and chitosan nanoparticles formulation on physicochemical properties and ability for transdermal delivery of HIV plasmid DNA vaccineRathapon Asasutjarit
2014Electrically controlled release of drugs from alginate hydrogels for transdermal drug delivery applicationAnuvat Sirivat
2012Formulation development and evaluation of glucosamine hydrochloride foaming solution for transdermal deliveryChonticha Srisawang
2007Formulation deverlopment and stability studies of capsule containing cyclosporin a self-microemulsifying drug deliverys systemNichthima Paengnakorn
2002Formulation effects on delivery of propylthiouracil liposomes to U-937 macrophage cellsUtsana Puapermpoonsiri
2006Formulation of doxycycline loaded chitosan microspheres in glyceryl monooleate-based drug delivery systems for periodontitisKhanittha Singhirunnusorn
2009Formulation of Silymarin Microemulsion for dermal deliverySawitree Charoensri
2009Mechanism of liposomes in the delivery of the P-glycoprotein substrate model calcein AM into Caco-2 cellsIng-orn Prasanchaimontri
2009Modified chitosan to enhance mucoadhesive properties for gastrointestinal drug delivery systemMetawee Srilaphan
2012Nanoencapsulation of mangosteen extract : preparation, release, growth inhibition and anti-adhesion activities of Helicobacter PyloriPorntip Pan-in
2009Nasal delivery of japanese encephalitis vaccine using modified poly (D,L-Lactic -co-Glycolic acid) particles as delivery vehicleAmolnat Tunsirikongkon
2002Polymeric matrix of hydroxypropylmethylcellulose and xanthan gum for controlled delivery of diltiazem hydrochloride in rabbitsAninda Akkarasrisawad