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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999Classification of oysters genera crassostrea, saccostrea and striostrea in Thailand utilizing RAPD markersPiti Amparyup
2009Development of AFLP molecular markers for cultivar identification of cured tobacco leavesTianrat Piteekan
2004Development of genetic markers for increasing production efficiency of the tropical abalone Haliotis asinina in ThailandPiti Amparyup
2001Development of genetic markers of tropical abalone in ThailandParichart Praipue
2002Development of microsatellite markers in tropical abalone Haliotis asininaSureerat Tang
2005Genetic diversity of the blue swimming crab portunus pelagicus in Thailand analyzed by AFLP and RAPDKannika Khetpu
2001Genetic diversity of tropical abalone in Thailand using RAPD-PCRAporn Popongviwat
1998Genetic variation and population structure of the black tiger prawn penaeus monodon in Thailand determined by microsatellite markersPremruethai Supungul
1998Identification of genetic marker by RAPD to differentiate normal and viral disease tolerance black tiger prawns Penaeus monodonPotchanee Hunsonti
2004Identification of growth-related molecular markers in the tropical abalone Haliotis asininaThidarat Klongtruajroke, 1979-
2000Identification of molecular genetic markers for taxonomy of oysters genera Crassostrea, Saccostrea and Striostrea in ThailandNeerawan Khamnamtong
2004Identification of molecular genetic markers involed in sex determination in the giant tiger shrimp Penaeus monodon using AFLP analysisSupaporn Thumrungtanakit, 1977-
2004Identification of sex-specific markers from black tiger shrimp Penaeus monodon using subtraction analysisSrisupaph Poonlaphdecha
2005Identificaton of SNP markers in the giant tiger shrimp Penaeus monodonArun Buaklin
2005Molecular genetic markers for identification of species, sex, and population of giant tiger shrimp Penaeus monodonBavornlak Khamnamtong
2007Molecular markers for determining tobacco Nicotiana tabacum L. varietiesSornsuda Setaphan
2007Sequence analysis of matK gene of Pueraria Candollei and Butea Superba and the application of PCR-RFLP genetic marker for identificationWoraluk Yodpetch
2004Sex determination markers and gene expression in androgenic gland of different male morphotypes of the giant freshwater prawn Macrobrachium rosenbergiiRachanimuk Preechaphol
2008Species identification and genetic diversity of stingless bees trigona pagdeni in thailand using aflp analysis and mitochondrial DNA sequenceSirikul Thummajitsakul
2010Statistical analysis for parentage test and mutation rate determination in Thai databaseTawat Rinthachai