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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Cloning and expression of an outer membrane protein of leptospira, LipL32Doojdao Boonyod
2012Development of leptospirosis vaccine by using the combination of LipL32 and Loa22 antigens and immunization in a heterologous prime-boost regimenSupawadee Umthong
2011Development of LIPL32 DNA vaccine for leptospirosis using modified chitosan nanoparticlesRuthairat Kerdkaew
2015Electrochemical immunosensor for determination of LeptospiraL LIPL32 proteinZunpitch Kwanyuen
2011Identification of host surface proteins that interact with pathogenic leptospira by phage display techniqueApiradee Romsakul
2009Leptospirosis DNA detection by gold and silver nanoparticlesApiratt Thithimon
2005Study of homology of mce and invA genes among different serovars of Leptospira interrogans and their in vivo expression as a step of vaccine development for leptospirosisKanitha Patarakul; Chintana Chirathaworn; Yong Poovorawan
2006Study of pathology and pathogenesis of leptospirosis in an animal model inoculated with various in vivo passages of leptospires : implications for vaccine development and diagnosisChintana Chirthaworn; Kanitha Patarakul; Duangporn Phulsuksombati; Yong Pooworawan
2009Use of phage display technology to identify proteins that interact with LipL32, the major outer membrane protein of pathogenic LeptospiraSuwittra Chaemchuen
2550การศึกษาผลของการใช้ยาราปาไมซินต่อโรคเลปโตสไปโรซิสในหนูตะเภาที่มีภาวะเลือดออกในปอดอย่างรุนแรงนพดล แสงจันทร์