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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Biodiesel production from different palm-oil feedstocks with hydroprocessing process over Ni-Mo/Al₂O₃and Co-Mo/Al₂O₃ catalystsNarisara Rodboon
2007Biofuel production from palm oil by using microemulsion techniqueJutatip Ploysrimongkol
2007Biofuel production from palm oil by using microemulsion techniqueJutatip Ploysrimongkol
2006Characterization of mixture of palm oil and diesel atomized by a two-fluid nozzle using phase doppler anemometerJuthamas Kamrak
2015Continuous biofuel production from palm oil in supercritical alcoholsWinatta Sakdasri
2007Continuous demulsification of palm oil in water by low electric fieldSupaporn Nimjaroen
2006Demulsification of palm oil in water by low electric fieldsDome Bunyen
2011Effect of N₂ bubbles on transesterification of vegetable oil in a fixed bed ractorItsarapap Saneewong
2007The effects of vitamin E in crude palm oil on growth performance, lipid peroxidation and tissue vitamin E concentration of broilersBanjong Ura
2005The fundamental study on characteristic of palm diesel spray combustionKarn Romphol
2009Improving cold flow properties of biodiesel produced from palm fatty acid distillateNicha Kongchom
2008Kinetics of non-catalytic esterification of fatty acids in palm oilSittichai Somsai
2006Methyl esters from palm olein using solid catalyzed-transesterification reactionTatpong Tanong
2009Mixed oxides of Ca, Mg, and Zn as heterogeneous base catalysts for transesterification of palm kernel oilSasipim Limmanee
2009Plantwide control design of biodiesel production process with alkali-catalystNattaphol Srithong
2002Prediction of cracking hydrocarbon compounds from palm oil with chemical equilibriaBawornpong Pornchuti
2006Preparation of 1,3-dioxolane derivatives from glycerol in biodiesel productionPanitha Phulkerd
2001Preparation of thickening agents for grease from epoxidized palm oilSuwitanan Boonsri
2006Production of biodiesel from palm oil in supercritical methanolNarupon Jomtib
2018Production of biojet fuel from palm fatty acid distillate over Ni/HZSM-12 catalystChayanee Hiranyasiri