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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20162-Absorbing R-ideals of modules over near ringsSutida Patlertsin
2014Cayley graphs and cayley Signed graphs over finite commutative ringsBorworn Suntornpoch
2015Construction of designs from symplectic graphs and orthogonnal graphs over finite local ringsWachirapong Jirakitpuwapat
2010Cubic permutation polynomials and elliptic curvesAttawut Wongpradit
2010Energy of unitary cayley graphs and GCD-GraphsBorworn Suntornpoch
2007An equivalence relation on a set of words of finite lengthTassawee Thitipak
2012General form of slightly compressible modulesPhatsarapa Janmuang
2002Generalized transformation semigroups and linear transformation semigroups whose bi-ideals are quasi-idealsChaiwat Namnak
2010Homomorphisms of some hyperringsManeenat Kaewneam
2016k-zero-divisor hypergraphs of finite commutative ringsPinkaew Siriwong
2016Pure ideals in T-semiringsAungkanaporn Chankaew
2002Quasi-hyperideals in Krasner hyperingsSansanee Nenthein
2002Quasi-hyperideals in multiplicative hyperringsJongkol Tumsoun
2010Skew-constacyclic codes over finite chain ringsSomphong Jitman
2016Structure of unit groups of quotient rings of integers in Some cubic fieldsPitchayatak Ponrod
2010Vague prime ideals and vague primary ideals of vague ringsSirawich Chinwarakorn
2008Weakly Regular T-Seminearrings and Simple T-SeminearringsPrathomjit Khachorncharoenkul
2015ф-n-absorbing ideals and ф-generalized-n-absorbing ideals of commutative semiringsPattarawan Petchkaew