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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Alkali-catalyzed transesterification of waste cooking oil with cosolventThepyanee Lodcam
2008Biodiesel from base-catalyzed transesterification of chicken oilYoottana Jampahom
2006Biodiesel from palm oils using solid catalyzed-transesterification reactionWattanachai Yaowarat
2008Biodiesel from purified palm oil and palm fatty acid in supercritical methanol with sulfated zirconia catalystAkaraphol Petchmala
2007Biodiesel production from oil of endophytic fungusNatta Rattanapanya
2008Biodiesel production from rice bran oil soapstock using novozyme 435 catalystSawvalak Rittilak
2013Branched polycarbonate synthesis from melt transesterification of bisphenol-a and diphenyl carbonateSunanta Klayposri
2018-06-11Continuous Production of Biodiesel from Rubber Seed Oil Using a Packed Bed Reactor with BaCl2 Impregnated CaO as CatalystVorrada Loryuenyong
2010Development of calcium oxide based catalysts for ethyl ester productionKornkanok Watcharathamrongkul
2011Effect of N₂ bubbles on transesterification of vegetable oil in a fixed bed ractorItsarapap Saneewong
2007Enhancement of lipase activity from Stenotrophomonas maltophilia by random mutagenesisNiramol Juntawieng
2011Heterogeneous base catalysts from natural dolomite for transesterification of vegetable oilThikumbhorn Naree
2006Hydrotalcite base catalysts for biodiesel productionTanawat Tittabutr
2006Methyl esters from palm olein using solid catalyzed-transesterification reactionTatpong Tanong
2009Mixed oxides of Ca, Mg, and Zn as heterogeneous base catalysts for transesterification of palm kernel oilSasipim Limmanee
2008Optimal conditions for the covalent immobilization of lipase from Candida rugosa for the production of biodieselSupaluk Tantong
2008Optimal immobilization conditions of lipase from Candida Rugosa for biodiesel productionKingkaew Piriyakananon
2016Optimization of in-situ transesterification process for soybean and spent coffee grounds biodieselNattapong Tuntiwiwattanapun
2006Production of biodiesel from palm oil in supercritical methanolNarupon Jomtib
2006Production of methyl ester from palm fatty acid and palm stearin using sulfuric acid and potassium hydroxide as catalystsTulaporn Treesutat