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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Effect of surfactant and orgnoclay loading on mechanical and gas barrier properties of evoh/clay nanocomposite filmsKhamkaew Photyotin
2005Effect of surfactants on the formation of chitosan nanoparticlesChutima Saratid
2001Effects of microemulsions components on in vitro permeation and in vivo activity of benzocaineOrawadee Pongvutitham
2012Evaluation of oil recovery by alkali/surfactant flooding in multi-layered carbonate reservoirs with different pore sizesArnon Larpkachornsanguan
2015Interfacial tension measurement on light oil from Fang oilfield with alkaline solutionSiwasilp Saengnil
2006Leaching of diuron from soil by organic solvent and surfactantKosin Phuempoonsathaporn
2017Microemulsion Formation of Vegetable Oils Using Mixed Extended Surfactant for Cleaning ApplicationsSiriluk Jariyawattanarat
2011Novel anionic extended surfactant and cationic surfactant mixtures for maximizing synergism (solubilization and adsolubilization) and minimizing precipitationDonyaporn Panswad
2008Oil extraction from jatropha seeds using mixed surfactants aqueous-based solution for elimination of phorbol esters in the oilPilada Pookboonmee
2012Optimization of vegetable oil detachment from oilseed by minimizing interfacial tensionNattapong Tuntiwiwattanapun
2007Organometallic removal from contaminated soil by microemulsion techniquePrangthong Thongkorn
2008Phorbol esters extraction from jatropha curcas residue kernel meals using surfactant solutionKanokwan Chaichodkunchai
2007Removal and concentration of pyrene from contaminated soil using a phase separation of mixed cationic and anionic surfactants solutionPutchaya Thunhapran
2006Removal of phenyl urea herbicides from water by adsolubilization on surfactant modified titania nanofibersPamornrat Chantam
2006Screening and identification of biosurfactant producing bacteria and characterization of the biosurfactantHathairath T. Wattanaphon
2009Solubilization and adsolubilization of phenylethanol and ethylcyclohexane using anionic carboxylate extended surfactants on an aluminum oxide surfaceJirapat Lewlomphaisan
2006Surfactant aqueous-based for vegetable oil extraction using microemulsion systemApasee Naksuk
2010Surfactant enhanced solubilization for organometallic compound removalSeelawut Damrongsiri
2011Synthesis and application of polydiacetylenes containing amino group for sensing anionic surfactantsWanwisa Thongmalai